Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015| Hilary MacMillan

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As you all know World Mastercard Fashion Week was just last week and I was lucky enough to attend Hilary MacMillan’s fashion show with one of my good friends. It’s always so much fun attending fashion shows during fashion week. Everyone is dressed so well and you get to see what styles are going to be in for Spring and Summer.

‘Hilary MacMillan artfully captures the Canadian summer sunset for Spring/Summer 2015′

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Canadian summer sunsets, the Hilary MacMillan Spring/Summer 2015 collection features strong feminine silhouettes in vibrant colours and soft luxurious silks. As with every season, Hilary MacMillan introduces an exclusive print working closely with her mother and realist painter, Cindy MacMillan. This season she is bringing four exclusive prints to the runway, including a hand-painted abstract sunset with vivid oranges tones, and a cloud print originally painted on canvas which adds the illusion of texture to the fabric. This collection is primarily comprised of silks, keeping the collection light; perfect for the humidity of Canadian summers with mixes of cottons, and jersey in oranges, blues and whites.

IMG_0727 IMG_0725 IMG_0729 IMG_0731 IMG_0736 IMG_0737 IMG_0741The Canadian designed and manufactured label retails between $160 and $500 CDN and is currently available at Elle Hardware, Craft & Guile, and online at and

Since it was Fashion Week, we decided over at Me&T Studio to create some Fashion Week themed nail art, which was oh so much fun. Here is my creation:

IMG_0752What do you think of Hilary MacMillan’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection?

Laurelle, xo

Make Up For Ever Halloween Looks| Glam to Ghoul

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Having trouble deciding what to be this Halloween? Have no fear you still have time to figure it out. There is no better way to express yourself on Halloween then with some wicked makeup. Lucky for you Make Up For Ever has sent me all of their Halloween Makeup Face Charts and they are freaking awesome. Blow your friends away with one of these spectacular looks.

All of these looks can be achieved using every day makeup! The face charts give you a general idea as to how to create these looks. Face Charts can be extremely helpful when trying to create a makeup look for your costume. You can see what colours to use and where the placement should be.

Get Gouled

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.05.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.05.49 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.06.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.06.20 PM

Get Glammed

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.06.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.06.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.06.59 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.07.15 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.07.25 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.07.40 PM

Make Up For Ever never fails to amaze me. They have some truly talented makeup artists on their team and there Halloween face charts are always one of the best. I love how the Day of The Dead makeup is still trending, it’s one of my favorite looks. I recently did two different Day of the Dead makeup looks for a gallery that was recently showcased. Here are the two looks I created.

IMG_9065 IMG_9290 IMG_9291Make Up For Ever in my personal opinion has the best makeup for Halloween looks. They have an incredible range of colour and professional products that will help you complete your look. I used majority of Make Up For Ever products to complete these two looks. For the white face I used Ben Nye Color Cake Foundation and it’s incredible. It creates the perfect canvas to complete your makeup look.

For more information on Makeup Forever visit,

Hope you enjoyed these Halloween face charts! Try them out and let me know what you think!

Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Frankenstein and Mummies Oh My!

My loves,

It’s Mani Monday and it’s only appropriate that this be a Halloween themed manicure, since Halloween is this coming Friday. And who doesn’t want Halloween themed nail art? I mean there are endless possibilities. One of my all time favorite clients came in with her daughter (who is literally the cutest kid EVER) and got festive with Halloween manis. Now these weren’t ordinary Halloween nails, no no my friends they were complex and they turned out amazing.

The first is done in gel polish using the brands Entity and Artistic Colour Gloss.

IMG_0634 IMG_0637 IMG_0638 IMG_0643 IMG_0642

The Second Mani is for her lovely daughter who always knows what she wants and sits insanely still! I did this entire manicure with regular polish, using the brand Vinylux.

IMG_0627 IMG_0629 IMG_0632 IMG_0633Both manicures were so much fun to create. And nothing feels better than having your clients leave happy, especially the little ones. For some fun Halloween nails comes see my at Me&T Studio in Toronto.

What’s on your nails this Halloween?

Laurelle, xo

Make Up For Ever| Artist Shadow

My loves,

Make Up For Ever introduced the Artist Shadow range, a collection of 210 highly pigmented eye shadows in celebration of the brand’s 30th anniversary. I knew they were in the process of creating these shadows and I honestly could not wait to get my hands on them. Make Up For Ever was kind enough to send me two brown shades which helped me create the perfect smokey eye. And what better way to show off these fantastic shadows then when attending a Fashion Show?

IMG_4695 IMG_4692Yesterday I attended Hilary MacMillan’s fashion show and I like to bring my A game with my makeup applications when I attend a Fashion Show and I knew these new Make Up For Ever shadows would be perfect. These shadows have intense pigment and superior blendability. I don’t generally like to wear my eye shadow really dark, but I am head over heels in love with these two colours. I cannot even get over how much I love them. It literally created the perfect smokey eye. I cannot wait to add this to my professional kit, my clients are going to crazy. I will most definitely have to get my hands on more of these shadows. I want all the matte shadows.

IMG_4650Artist Shadow has been three years in the making by Make Up For Ever Creative and Artistic Director Dany Sanz, who worked to create a breakthrough formula based on Pigment Atomization and Water-Blend Technology. Pigment Atomization is the latest technology used to maximize colour delivering up to 88% concentrated pigment which is the highest on the market. Water-Blend technology allows for utmost blendability and even texture.

IMG_4683IMG_4682The Artist Shadows consist of 210 shades of Matte, Satin, Metal, Iridescent and Diamond finishes. They are available as a single shade, as well as duo and trio palettes; each palette 100% customizable.

Available at Sephora and Make Up For Ever Boutiques $25.00(Single), $39.00(Duo), and $50.00(Trio)

What shades will you purchase?

Laurelle, xo

Books That Will Feed Your Wanderlust

My loves,

So as you may have already noticed I am forever stuck in a state of wanderlust. I love traveling so much it is not even funny. So when I am not off discovering a new place, I like to pretend I am by living through other people’s adventures. I am always and I mean always on the hunt for books about traveling. I don’t care where they travel, how they travel or who they travel with. Heck, I wouldn’t even care if it weren’t a true story. I just want to know all about their experiences and all of the wonderful places they have discovered.

IMG_0654Here are a few of my favorite books about travel that I have discovered:

The Lost Girls by Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett & Amanda Pressner

IMG_0651“With their 28th birthdays looming, Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett, and Amanda Pressner  are quickly rocketing towards management positions, mortgages, and marriages . . . but all share a similar fear: Is this what they want, or what they think they should want? Feeling in serious need of perspective, they decide to leave it all behind, quit their jobs, and begin an epic search for meaning and enlightenment. Traveling 60,000 miles around the world, from the mountains and jungles of South America to the beaches of Australia, passing through Kenya, India, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand along the way, the trio will not only find themselves, but a lifelong friendship. Ultimately, theirs is a story of true sisterhood-a bond forged by exotic illnesses, cockroach-infested trains, Maasai tribal initiation ceremonies, long distance break-ups, whirlwind romances, and everything in the world in between.”

This book still remains my absolute favorite (so far), of all the travel books I’ve read. It might have to do with the places they went or the fact that they all quit their jobs in their late twenties to see the world. I found it completely inspiring, as someone in their early twenties who feels like I should be traveling more. You really are never too old to travel. This beautifully written memoir will speak to anyone who has any desire to travel or who has traveled. It’s a definite must if you are stuck in a state of wanderlust like myself.

These three wonderfully talented women also have a blog that has answers to all your questions about traveling. From planning to budgeting they have it all. They also have pictures and a little more on their adventures.

Lost Girls World

Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and dark chocolate) by Amy Thomas

IMG_0650“Forever a girl obsessed with all things French, sweet freak Amy Thomas landed a gig as rich as the purest dark chocolate: leave Manhattan for Paris to write ad copy for Louis Vuitton. Working on the Champs-elysees, strolling the charming streets, and exploring the best patisseries and boulangeries, Amy marveled at the magnificence of the City of Light.

But does falling in love with one city mean turning your back on another? As much as Amy adored Paris, there was part of her that felt like a humble chocolate chip cookie in a sea of pristine macarons. PARIS, MY SWEET explores how the search for happiness can be as fleeting as a salted caramel souffle’s rise, as intensely satisfying as molten chocolate cake, and about how the life you’re meant to live doesn’t always taste like the one you envisioned.

Part love letter to Paris, part love letter to New York, and total devotion to all things sweet, PARIS, MY SWEET is a treasure map for anyone with a hunger for life.”

This book is beyond mouth-watering and deliciously wonderful. You will fall in love with both New York and Paris after reading this book. Now I’ve always loved Paris so it was really easy for me to love this book. But she writes her memoir in way that is so unique and crazy sweet. The book is surrounded by sweet treats, crossaints and hot chocolate. And the best part about the book. She tells you where to find the best macarons, chocolate chip cookie, hot chocolate and cupcakes in both New York and Paris. She even provides a list of all the bakeries in the back of the book. I just enjoyed every minute of reading this book. Trust me you’ll be booking a flight to Paris after this read.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman

IMG_0652“Kristin Newman spent much of her twenties and thirties buying dresses to wear to her friends’ weddings and baby showers. Not ready to settle down and in need of an escape from her fast-paced job as a sitcom writer, Kristin instead traveled the world, often alone, for several weeks each year. In addition to falling madly in love with the planet, Kristin fell for many attractive locals, men who could provide the emotional connection she wanted without costing her the freedom she desperately needed.
Kristin introduces readers to the Israeli bartenders, Finnish poker players, sexy Bedouins, and Argentinean priests who helped her transform into “Kristin-Adjacent” on the road–a slower, softer, and, yes, sluttier version of herself at home. Equal parts laugh-out-loud storytelling, candid reflection, and wanderlust-inspiring travel tales, What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding is a compelling debut that will have readers rushing to renew their passports.”

This is my most recent travel read and I very much enjoyed it. First of all it is absolutely beyond hilarious. Which makes sense considering the author of this lovely memoir has written for That 70s Show and How I Met Your Mother. Kristin Newman really makes you want to set out and travel on your own. It’s an interesting book because so many women in their thirties struggle with the fact that they need to settle down, get married and have kids. But Kristin Newman shows you there really never is any rush and you can get on with life just fine on your own. It was truly an inspiring read about a woman who finds love in so many different places. And she sees so many amazing things and experiences and meets so many amazing people. You are never too old to travel and you should never be afraid to travel alone. It is such an amazing experience.

Well my loves. Those are 3 of my favorite travel reads. Have any you can recommend for me?

Laurelle, xo

Forever Stuck in A State of Wanderlust

Mani Monday| Black Cherry

My loves,

Okay I am the biggest slacker of all. I am going to make a conscious effort to keep up on my blog posts. Now that I am settled in my new job and back from my vacation from Italy, I’m ready to pull up my socks and get to work! So this past week I have done some pretty sweet manicures. However, these ones are definitely one of my favorite. These lovely nails are an acrylic set with gel polish over top. We wanted to do something fun but still subtle, so we created an ombre manicure using a dark burgundy and black.

IMG_0617 IMG_0619 IMG_0619 IMG_0621 IMG_0622 IMG_0624I absolutely love the way these turned out. We really wanted the fade to look natural. I used only two colours and mixed them together in order to make such a natural fade. I think they are perfect for the fall and even fit well with Halloween coming up. I may just have to put this ombre fade on my nails for my next manicure!

What’s on your nails?

Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Build Me A Dreamcatcher

My loves,

I’m going to warn you right now I am away in Italy at the moment so my posts may be very limited! However, I could not wait to show you this manicure. Do you ever have those moments where you even impress yourself? And you are so proud of what you accomplished? That’s how I feel about this manicure. The concentration I had and the level of skill I had even impresses me! This design reminds me of a dreamcatcher.

IMG_0020IMG_0021IMG_0027IMG_0025IMG_0024It took me a good amount of time to create this manicure. Each line and dot had to be perfect. I just love the way it turned out though. I told my client after I finished that I thought this was my best manicure ever. I absolutely love the colours we chose as well, the white, pink and black really work well together.

What do you think my loves? Are you into the fine details?

Laurelle, xo

Hello Me&T Studio

My loves,

So it’s no secret that I’ve been an epic slacker at keeping up with my blog posts. So I’m going to share with you why I’ve been so busy. You all know that I recently started a new job managing a salon called Me&T Studio in midtown Toronto. Well, starting a new job always takes me some adjusting so I’ve been putting all my focus on my new job. So I’m going to pull up my socks and start keeping up with my lovely blog. Thanks to all my followers and continuing to read my blog, I really appreciate all of those who take an interest in my posts!

Here’s a little about Me&T Studio:

Shawna Rao, my lovely boss and owner of Me&T Studio is a registered critical care nurse who always had a love for the beauty industry and boy am I glad she did. With energy to burn and a desire to start an enterprise of her own, Shawna conceived of Me & T Studio, her own refreshing take on the types of beauty bars and spas that have populated our urban environments. With this new venture, Shawna aims to set a new standard of quality for nail treatments, nail enhancements, lash extensions, specialty hair services and spray tans in an environment that is attitude free, pristine, inviting and relaxing.

14724540887_f5ae872868_zI cannot even express how much I love my job. I work with three fabulously talented nail technicians that are experts at gel nail extensions, graphic nail art and even portraits. Shawna Rao my wonderful boss is extremely talented at eyelash extensions as well as spray tans. And then of course there is the lovely Tanya who is fab at giving you a faux glow.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 6.55.50 PMI absolutely love walking into work every single morning. The gray, pink and black decor is sleek and stylish and we pay extra attention to hygiene and cleanliness (which is key). We do not use jet tubs for pedicures only ceramic soaking tubs and a new file and buffer for each visit, which you are free to take home after your appointment. Not to mention we have a lovely variety of candy waiting for you at the front desk!

me-and-t-studio-01 me-and-t-studio-02 Me-T-Nail-RacksI cannot stress how important it is to do what you love. I learned very early on that the beauty industry was where I belong. I tried office work and it was just not for me. It may not be the most respected industry but I can tell you that I never feel like I’m working. I get to create pieces of art every single day and make people feel more beautiful. And I get to do it in the company of wonderful people, who share the same passion. I also get to meet new people every single day, which is something I cherish. I love my clients and I love my co-workers, what more could you ask for in a job.

Never give up on your dreams. Do what you love, Love what you do. I know I do.

Come visit me at Me&T Studio, I’d love to meet you! I specialize in Makeup, Nails, Eyebrow Waxing and Spray Tans!

Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Ciao Bella

My loves,

Better late than never. Sorry about this late post this evening but I knew my wonderfully talented girlfriend was going to be doing my nails today and I wanted to share them with you all. SO I am leaving for Italy this weekend, which I am oh so excited about. I obviously had to have amazing nails for Italy, so we came up with something super glam and ready for Italy! I knew I wanted something sort of Fall themed and something chic.

IMG_9957 IMG_9959 IMG_9963 IMG_9964 IMG_9956That’s right my friends, we went with some tortoise nail art, which I’m obsessed with. I literally cannot stop staring at my nails. I love the colour combo and designs. I think they are perfect for my trip to Italy. It’s so convenient having a bestie who does awesome nails. Because as a nail tech trusting other people to do your nails can be a challenge!

What do your vacation nails look like?

Laurelle, xo

Mani Monday| Oh So Glamorous!

My loves,

Anyone who knows me knows I am very crazy about my nails and I must have them done every two weeks. And I plan far ahead in advance what I want for each manicure. Coming into Fall I’ve been transitioning into Fall colours. I had a difficult time figuring out what colour and what sort of design I wanted on my nails this time around. Luckily I have my lovely co-worker to help me out! I settled with black nails with gold leaf over top. It’s oh so glamorous!

IMG_9745 IMG_9748 IMG_9739 IMG_9740 IMG_9736Originally when I pictured this manicure in my head it was more subtle. Which it of course is not! But I love it because of that. I love how glamorous and fab it looks. The contrast between the black and gold is just wonderful.

To achieve this manicure my lovely co-worker Liz used Entity Beauty ‘Little Black Bottle’ and loose gold leaf placed on top. I just love it!

What’s on your nails? Fancy some gold leaf?

Laurelle, xo