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Black Pencil Eyeliner by Annabelle & Cover Girl Lash Blast Very Black Mascara

Eyelier & Mascara

Now until this point I have been using high end make up lines. When it comes to pencil liner and mascara, this is your opportunity to spend a little less. This is my favourite pencil liner and I have tried all the big names and still prefer this one over any other.

I apply this to the bottom water line of my eye. All you have to do is make sure you are not covering your tear dock and are regularly sharpening your pencil.

Tip: You may want to bring the pencil with you during the day because it tends to wash away.

Again save your money when it comes to mascara. They are all the same. The one thing you need to look for is the brush. The brush is everything and it is different for every person. I find this mascara works best for my lashes, I love the brush—it makes them look fuller and longer. I apply about three coats to my top lashes and two to my bottom very lightly.

Mascara is trial and error people. You have to try a few to find the right fit for you. But if you are on a budget do not waste your money on the expensive brands, Shoppers Drug Mart brands are just as good.

Tip: Do not use waterproof mascara unless you are going to a wedding where you plan on crying. Wearing waterproof mascara on a regular basis damages your eyelashes.

Throw out mascara after 3 weeks of use.

If you have oily skin, or you find your mascara runs all the time try Cover Girl Smudge Proof mascara (not the waterproof option).


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