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Dolce Vita Blush by Nars

Dolce Vita Blush by Nars

Blush, blush, blush. Now I use the same blush everyday(Dolce Vita Blush by Nars), however I do switch it up from time to time. Blush is one of the hardest products to find the best fit. It is different for everyone and it takes time to find the perfect shade. Trial and error.

This particular pigment is pretty strong, so if you are going use it you do not need a lot on your brush. Tap into the product with a blush brush and tap off excess product. Smile into the mirror, yes I said smile. And apply on the apple of your cheek lightly and brush along your cheekbone. Blend in the product to make it look natural.

Tip: If you apply too much blush, don’t panic! Take your powder brush and go over the area blending it into your skin. If you still feel like you have too much product, take a make up sponge and remove excess blush.


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