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Smashbox Brow Tech

Smashbox Brow Tech

I like to define my eyebrows, not everyone does and not everyone needs to. I prefer to use powder than pencil. Smashbox Brow Tech is my favourite because it comes with two different shades and wax to hold your brows in place. Pencil tends to look extremely harsh which is why I stick to powder, giving you a more naturally defined brow. I use the dark brown shade because I have fairly dark brows to begin with.

Apply using an angled brow brush. Tap into the lighter colour first, darker colour to follow, tap excess and apply to thickest part of brow lightly and pull through to the end of your brow. You may need to tap once more into the powder to make it even. After you apply the powder take a mascara wand (free of mascara of course, you can buy individual ones at beauty supplies) and gently brush through your brow so that your brows don’t look harsh.

This will give you the look of a fuller darker more defined brow.

Tip: Great for when you accidently tweeze a wrong hair, defining your eyebrows helps hide mistakes.


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