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My Mom is Cooler than Your Mom

IMG_7663My parents came to visit my sister and I last night, I do my mom’s nails for her every 2-3 weeks and my mom’s nails were do for a redo, so we decided to do something fun. I don’t know about your mom, but mine is definitely more adventurous with her nails than I am. However, on this occasion I think I would rock these nails too, because they are pretty cool. She is a little more funky and I tend to stay more on the conservative side when it comes to my nails. Obviously, making my mom the coolest mom there is. We originally were just going to do a half moon design, but then I decided to make it a little more fun. My mom chose colours from Artistic Colour Glosses new collection, a baby blue (Graceful) and a purple (Fearless). I used the baby blue as the base, creating the design with the purple on top.

IMG_7651IMG_7653IMG_7659IMG_7665Now remember, I am using Artistic Colour Gloss, which is a gel polish that lasts about 2 weeks. I cure the polish on every application, which is why I am able to remove the polish to create that line without ruining the base that I already applied. This process will not work with regular polish. There are ways you can create the same look with regular polish, you just have to use a different method. I promise to post nail art with regular polish!


Laurelle, xo



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