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Just Another Day at the Office

IMG_7687Now I don’t know about any of you, but I kind of love office clothing! It’s fun to get all dressed up and try new outfits. I chose something more on the simple side, because let’s face it, first day back at work after the long weekend, my more adventurous side was still half asleep. The weather was a little cooler so I opted for my high wasted pants from Urban Outfitters, my mint green crop top with a long back also from Urban Outfitters, and a simple light weight black cardigan from Le Chateau. I brought my oh so beautiful, oh so lovely, take with me every where Michael Kors bag, with of course my Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, also seen in Causal Sunday. On my feet I wore my beautiful sparkly Steve Madden flats, and I am oh so obsessed with Steve Madden footwear.

IMG_7690IMG_7693I absolutely love this crop top, because you don’t feel insecure in it at all. It’s not too short at the front, I love the cut neck line, and the back is just beautiful. The black high waisted pants are a must have, I wear them all the time, they go with everything and are super comfortable. If you love crop tops and high waisted bottoms go check out Urban Outfitters right now, they have an awesome selection! The cardigan is pretty self explanatory, I really like it because it’s so soft, very light weight, easily worn in the summer, without feeling too hot.

IMG_7688Love these shoes, I wear them quite often. Comfortable for wearing all day on your feet, enough sparkle that its fun and flirty, with enough subtlety that it’s not tacky. And do I really need to explain the bag? I mean look at it, it’s beautiful. Oh Michael Kors, why do you torture me with such great bags…

IMG_7691IMG_7694Hope you all have had a good start to your week!



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