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Mint Green Ombré Nails

IMG_7698Ombré, Ombré, Ombré, oh how I love Ombré. One of my girlfriends is off to Europe for 2 weeks, which I am so jealous about! So she obviously had to get a mani & pedi before she was off, so she asked me to do it for her. Since Ombré is so popular at the moment she asked if I could do that effect on her nails with Mint Green, which is one of my favourite colours this summer! Since we were doing Mint Green on the hands, we did the same on her toes.

IMG_2704I used Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish on her hands, so her mani would last the full 2 weeks that she is away. The colours I used to create the Ombré effect were Purity and Charming.

IMG_7701One of the great things about Artistic Colour Gloss is you can mix the colours to create your own colours. That is how I was able to create this effect; I mixed a tiny bit of the mint green into white as the base, I continued to add more green with each coat, using my nail brush to brush the excess from the top of the nail to the base to create the fade. Eventually I just used charming on its own at the tip of the nail, to make that that darkest shade of the mint green. This is very subtle Ombré, which I actually really enjoy especially with the colour, I don’t think a dramatic Ombré would have looked as nice. For the toes I used OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape.

IMG_7700So there you have it my loves, mint green nails for the summer.

What’s your favourite Ombré combo?

Laurelle, xo



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