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Splatter Paint Mani

IMG_7707Splatter paint nails! So fun and super easy to do on your own!

IMG_7705I used Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish, but you can use regular polish to accomplish this look as well. All you need is black and white nail polish and you are good to go, I used Swag & Purity. I chose to do 3 nails splatter and 2 plain black. You can really choose which ever nails you like, a lot of people like to accentuate the ring finger, so you if you are more of a classic nail girl, do all black and one splatter nail.

IMG_2707 IMG_2708First paint the nails you want to splatter with a white base, usually takes a few coats to get it pure, solid white. Once you have completed the base, apply black nail polish to an old toothbrush and splatter it close to the nail to get the best effect. Once finished and satisfied with your splatter, clean up any polish that splattered on your skin with a nail design brush and 100% acetone. Apply top coat to seal in effect.

IMG_2712IMG_2794You can use any colour combo to create this look. Happy Nail Painting!

What’s your favourite nail design?

Laurelle, xo


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