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Brandy Melville

IMG_7711I recently heard of Brandy Melville from a blog I follow, theprettyvain by Amy, which is a great beauty blog, so you all should check it out! Now Brandy Melville is an Italian brand, inspired by LA that is well-known for their graphic tees. The brand is very popular among celebrities. After seeing what great buys Amy found I was intrigued and anxious to check it out.

IMG_7713 IMG_7717Now I love every piece of clothing they have, the style is fantastic and you really can’t find something like this anywhere else. With that said I was also extremely disappointed because you have to basically be the size of a polly pocket to fit into their clothing. Every piece of clothing is one size, and when I say one size I mean size 0-2 practically. I am a tiny person and I could barely fit into their clothing. I was very disappointed to discover this because I actually really liked the style.

After trying on many pieces of clothing, I finally found something that actually fit me. I found 3 lovely crop top tanks, that are loose fitting and comfortable. I also found a maxi skirt that is loose fitting and has an elastic band for the waist, that pairs really well with all the tanks I found. If you are tall, slim, and in generally a tiny person, you will love this brand. If you are average size like me or have hips and a shape and have trouble fitting into this brand,you should at least check out their accessories, because they are a great price and they have super cute headbands, rings, and backpacks.

IMG_2753I am so in love with the Infinity symbol, so I was super excited to find these 3 accessories. I can’t wait to wear this Infinity Love Beanie, it’s so cute and comfy! And the bracelet and ring are so delicate and pretty, I love the way they look together.

IMG_2757 IMG_2763These are two rings I also found that I really love. The bigger one is a great accent piece, it just gives you that little something extra. The little bow ring on my pinky can be worn on your pinky or as a knuckle ring, both ways look really cute.



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