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Rainy Day Curls

IMG_7721So I woke up today to find it raining outside…again. All it seems to do this summer is rain! And when it rains I do not fight my naturally curly hair, since it will be curly by the end of the day regardless. But I figured it would be a great opportunity to review one my favorite mousse’s I use when I want to let my hair go naturally curly.

Now I personally can’t stand having curly hair, I never know how it is going to turn out. It really is a hit or a miss. Plus I prefer my hair straight, which takes me forever to do in the morning!

Finding a mousse, gel or spray that you like for curly hair, in my personal opinion, can be a challenge. Everyone is different, everyone’s hair reacts differently to different products, and let’s be honest we all like our hair a different way, whether it be soft curls, the wet looks curls, or hard crunchy curls.

I personally like soft curls, I am lucky and my hair tends to naturally curl into ringlets. The product I use is Marc Anthony Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse. I have been using this product for years and I love it. It’s a super light weight product, you don’t even feel like you have any product in your hair, and it doesn’t leave your hair crunchy curly, which I can’t stand.

IMG_2821How I use it:

I apply the mousse to my freshly washed damp hair. I scrunch my hair as I put it in. I don’t put a specific amount in, I usually just add as much as I think I need. Usually about 3 small handfuls of mousse. I then tie my hair up in a messy bun while I apply my makeup for the day.

IMG_2829Once I am finished my makeup, I diffuse my hair until it is mostly dry. I usually tie half of my hair up when I leave the house so it tames the volume of my hair, and then decide later if I want to take it down.



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