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Classic French

Hello my loves,

Here is my second post of the day, Classic French Mani. A French Manicure still has to be one of my absolute favourite looks! I love, love, love the way it looks! It’s so elegant and beautiful. The French Manicure has remarkable staying power, it really never goes out of style. Beauty Editors and Fashion experts will say that the French Manicure is no longer in, but still woman all over the world will walk into a nail salon and request this elegant look. French nails are very versatile, they go with everything, anyone can pull it off whether your 20 or 50. Since the French Manicure is such a natural look it gives off the illusion making you look naturally and effortlessly perfect, who doesn’t want that? Truly effortless, though, they are not. French manicures require a steady hand and real precision if they’re going to look good. My girlfriend who is a nail fanatic, doing her nails at least once a week is in a bridal party on Saturday and she was torn between a French Manicure or a pale pink for her nails, I convinced her the French manicure was the way to go. It goes with everything, it’s simple and pretty for a wedding, plus she has gorgeous nails, so I knew the French would look outstanding on her.

IMG_2853 IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2848I used Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish to achieve this look. My girlfriend had never worn any form of gel polish before because she has a nail polish addiction and loves to change the colour of her nails on a weekly basis. However, I convinced her to try it out for the wedding because I didn’t want her to risk chipping a nail before the big day! Especially for french because if you chip one nail your whole manicure is ruined!

The colour I chose as the base was Peach Whip which is a nice translucent pink with just a hint of peach which looked great with my girlfriends skin tone. For a French base you can use anything from translucent pink, peach pink, nude or nothing at all. For a regular French I recommend OPI‘s Bubble Bath as the pink base. Of course I chose my whitest white for the tips which is, Purity.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Laurelle, xo

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