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Manicure Essentials

To have a long lasting mani, you must have all the essential tools to do so!

These are by far my two favourite base and top coats, I cannot do a regular manicure without them. Base and top coat make a huge difference in your application process, which a lot of people do not realize. It makes the application of polish much easier, prevents staining on the natural nail bed, prevents chipping, and overall gives you a better end result.


Most amazing base coat I have ever used and I will not use anything else now. Fast drying and easy to apply! A lot of professionals use this base coat in salons and you should too! CND‘s Sticky Base Coat actually dries with a tackiness too it, to help the colour you choose to cling to the base and prevent chipping for longer lasting polish. This base coat is best for those who have healthy nails, if you tend to have weak nails I’d go for a strengthening base to keep your nails strong and prevent breaking. I would go with Duri’s Rejuvacote Nail Growth polish or CND‘s Toughen Up Base Coat. Once you get your nails strong switch to Sticky Base Coat, it is AMAZING. It improves nail colour wearability, helps prevent surface staining of natural nails and is Formaldehyde free.

15ml | $10.50


Absolutely amazing! I have tried so many different top coats and it has taken me a long time to actually fall in love with one. What I love about this Essie‘s Good-to-Go top coat is that it does exactly what it’s marketed to do. It dries super quickly, leaving a nice glossy finish with not bubbles. It is super easy to apply and helps the polish last much longer with no chipping. This is seriously the only top coat I have ever used that actually dries this quickly, in about 10 minutes you are literally “Good to Go”, not many top coats can do that. Almost always you get some sort of imprint or smudge in your nail, but not with this top coat! Again if your nails are weak I would use Duri‘s Rejuvacote Nail Growth polish as top coat as well as the base coat.

13.5ml | $10.00

Now remember, for the best result of a long lasting manicure, you have to follow the necessary steps in order to accomplish this. Many people will complain about fast chipping, flaking polish and staining of the natural nail. Your nails will only stain if you do not use a bast coat, and will most likely chip much faster because you didn’t provide a foundation for the polish. Top coat helps seal in all your work, leaving a nice finish, which also prevents chipping.

Before you apply polish you should:

– file your nails

– push back and clean up your cuticles, only cut dry skin, if you over cut your cuticles you will get an overgrowth of cuticle as a result

– do not soak your nails in water, when you do this, your nail expands so when you apply the polish afterwards your nail will shrink back to normal size which will then cause your nails to chip, it also softens your cuticles so much that you end of cutting too much of the cuticle

– wipe every nail with nail polish remover before you apply the polish

– apply one thin layer of bast coat

– apply two thin layers of the colour of your choice

– clean up any mistakes around the cuticle with a q-tip and nail polish remover

– apply a thin layer of top coat

– after ten minutes apply cuticle oil over the entire nail and cuticle, do not use oil at all before your polish application

CND‘s SOLAR OIL for your cuticles:

Award winning cuticle oil, creates stronger, healthier nails and hydrated cuticles. Using cuticle oil on a daily basis helps polish last longer. A big reason your nail polish chips is because your nails are dehydrated.

7.39ml | $13.95


Gives nails and cuticles a quick shot of nutrients. Helps set your polish in seconds while also hydrating your the cuticle area. It also has a lovely sweet almond scent.

118ml | $24.95

Prices vary depending on where you purchase them. Can find these products at any beauty supply store, some salons and spas, or directly from their websites. Enjoy!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! What are your favourite nail essentials for your manicures?

Laurelle, xo


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