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Simple & Sweet

Nail art is lots of fun, but sometimes we want something just plain and simple. A lot of women will only wear soft pinks, nudes, or French manicures. Which I love just as much as crazy, fun, nail art. The Mani I did here, I used Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish, ‘La Ti Da’, one of my all time favourite pinks from there collection. We chose this pale pink for my client because as you can see in the picture below her nails are very damaged and short. This is a result of peeling shellac my friends, so when you are thinking of peeling off your polish please remember this picture. I suggested the pale pink because it helps disguise the fact that her nails are so short, it’s neutral, soft and pretty.

When you first apply ‘La Ti Da’ it’s very translucent, you have to apply at least 3 coats to achieve a good pigment. I applied four layers of this colour because her nails are so weak, I wanted to protect them a little extra. I also put two layers of top coat for even more protection. When your nails become that weak they split, crack, and break extremely easily. You can get them back to normal and the Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish helps protect the nail and allow it to grow. You just have to make sure it’s being applied and removed properly.

There you have my loves, sweet & simple mani. Sometimes you just need something simple and classy. This mani will go with absolutely everything.

It’s a good colour all year round. If you want something a little extra, add some sparkle to the tips or base of your nail, it makes the pink look very soft and elegant.

What’s your favourite colour you wear all year round?

Laurelle, xo


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