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Retail Therapy

I don’t know about any of you but shopping, a new pair of shoes, maybe some makeup and accessories always makes me feel better, even when I shouldn’t be spending money. After purchasing my perfume at Holt Renfrew, I must have been shopping on the right day, because I received $15.00 off my next purchase at Holt Renfrew. Which is really very smart of Holt Renfrew because as soon as I learned of Bobbi Brown‘s new Navy & Nude palette, I decided to use my $15.00 towards that. Now generally I will not spend as much money as I did in this shopping spree, must have caught me in a weak moment. I really contemplated buying this new palette of Bobbi Brown‘s but when something is limited edition, and it’s that good, you have to buy it.


Now isn’t that the most beautiful selection of colours in a palette you ever did see? It so difficult to find matte eyeshadow, without some form of shimmer in it. I love finding palettes that are neutral and for people who love the natural look. Now some of these shadows to have shimmer in them, I think it is in the right shades and just enough shimmer. I’ve never been a huge fan of navy or dark blue shadow, but something about this palette makes me eager to try it. Beauty bloggers are raving about it, I actually discovered this wonderful palette from Joanna Loves, who is a great blogger, you should check her out. I promise to post a full review on this palette in the future, I just couldn’t help but show you my purchases.

Since I was already at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter and apparantley I have zero self-control, I decided to purchase Bobbi Brown’s Sunless Tanning Gel. I have heard great things about it and wanted to try it out for myself. I’m also not big on self tanners but since our summer here in Toronto has decided to be a cloudy one, I need all the help I can get. I love having a tan, with the sun not in my favour I just had to try this product. A full review to come once I have had the chance to properly try it out, I promise.

The lady at the counter was so lovely, with my two purchases she through in a small mascara for me to try! It was the perfect timing because I am definitely due for a new mascara! I’ve never had the chance to try out Bobbi Brown’s mascara so this was a lovely treat and I’m super excited to try it.


Oh Michael Kors how you torture me… I am so in love with Michael Kors it’s not even funny. I unfortunately don’t have the money to purchase every item I fall in love with, these pair of shoes I have had my eye on for a little over a year. I would walk to Michael Kors, walk around the shop and always end up in front of these beautiful flats. I continued to walk away from them over and over again, until finally I splurged, I seriously could not be happier. I love them so much, they are super comfy and go with pretty much anything, just lovely!

Those our my lovely purchases, clearly I am a shopaholic, sometimes my credit card has a mind of its own!

What’s your retail weakness?

Laurelle, xo



  1. My retail weakness HAS to be some makeup and a killer dress. I mean, a new makeup look and hot dress ALWAYS make me feel better. :}

  2. Mary Ellen Stephen says

    My retail weakness is definitely shoes – saw a pair today but I walked away from them. They are so much fun and they never make my feet look fat!

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