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How to Throw the Best Baby Shower Ever

When you hear the someone utter the words ” Baby Shower”, you kind of want to scream right? Unless, it’s for you of course! We all know Baby Showers can be dreadfully boring, so I’m going to give you a few tips on how to throw a fun, enjoyable baby shower!

Key Things:

– Provide fun games & wicked prizes that people actually want to win

– Make a diaper cake

– Provide good food

– Obviously invite super cool people

– Dress Super Cute!

– Provide an Awesome Shirt for the Momma to Be

-Provide a freaking food baby (What the hell is a food baby? Ohhh my friends you will see!)


It is not edible my friends. However, it’s great because:

a) It looks amazing and you look super crafty

b) You give the Momma to Be lots of diapers for her new bundle of joy

c) It can be used as a game; Get every guest to guess how many diapers were used to make the diaper cake.

photo 2What you will need:

– New Born Diapers (obviously)

– Elastics

– Ribbon

– Something for the center to hold the cake together; I used 2 long sturdy sticks. You can use a bottle or anything tall.

– Any other decorations you may want to add to your beautiful diaper cake

Step 1:

Roll the diapers into a bundle one by one and wrap an elastic around to keep it in place.

Step 2:

Create 3 layers, 3 different sizes so they will stack on top of each other like tiers in a cake.

Step 3:

With each layer wrap a big elastic to keep the shape. Then tie a ribbon around to hide the elastic or do what I did and wrap an unrolled diaper around and then tie the ribbon.

Step 4:

Stack each layer using the tall sturdy item you chose to place in the middle.

Step 5:

Add any other decorations, toys etc. I added a pink & blue bear because my friend was having twins; a boy & a girl.

Other Great Games You Should Have:

– Guess what type of Baby Food: Get about 6 different jars of baby food, rip the labels off of them, number them, make a list of what the jars actually are and pass around the jars, getting people to taste and guess what kind of baby food it is.

– What chocolate bar is this?: When you are purchasing diapers for your diaper cake keep about 5 or 6 aside and use them for this game. Melt different chocolate bars in the diapers, pass them around and get people to guess what chocolate bar is melted in the diaper. It looks disgusting but it’s so much fun watching people smell what looks like dirty diapers!

– Measure the Baby Bump: Grab a roll of string and get people to guess how big the Momma to be’s belly is, each person cuts the length of string they think will be closest and then you wrap the strings around the baby bump to see who got the most accurate string length!

– Chug Your Bottle: Get a whole bunch of cheap baby bottles, everyone gets to pick their drink of choice and have a chugging contest through baby bottles. It’s so fun and kind of hilarious watching grown adults drink from baby bottles!

– Don’t Say BABY: You can really choose whatever you want for this game. Everyone gets a soother or baby pin(you can find cute baby nick knacks at the dollar store) and you tell everyone when they walk in they can’t say the word baby, or the Momma to Be’s name or whatever you like.  When someone catches you saying one of the unspeakable words they get to steal your baby pin, whoever has the most baby pins wins a prize.

Prize Suggestions: Cute coasters, candles, nail polish, hand cream, notebooks etc. Remember when it comes to gifts target your guests appropriately.

The key to games; Make them fun, don’t have too many, take lots of pictures.


Ohhhh, I know you are excited for this one! Normally you can do one baby for this, I did two because my friend was expecting twins. This is great because it’s a great center piece, it provides a place for your fruit you want to serve in a crafty way, the Momma to Be can have the soother afterwards for her new baby!

What You Will Need:

– A Watermelon

– A Melon Scoop

– A Cantaloupe (if you are using one baby)

– Two Oranges (if you are using 2 babies)

– Lot’s of Fruit (for sure grapes)

– A Sharp Knife

– Soother/s

Step 1:

If you are using one baby, make sure you find a really round cantaloupe and peel the skin off. Cut a hole in the melon for the soother. Cut two dents for eyes and replace with grapes for the eyes, use a piece of melon for the nose and ears.

If you are using two babies, use very round oranges, cut a hole for the soothers. Cut 2 grapes in half, put each half on toothpicks and stick into the orange for eyes. Cut a green grape in half and put on two separate toothpicks, stick in the orange as a nose.

Step 2:

Cut your watermelon to look like a bassinet and empty the entire contents of the watermelon with your melon scoop. You can serve the watermelon you removed at your baby shower.

Step 3:

Arrange head or heads accordingly, filling the watermelon with whatever fruit you would like.

So freaking cute right?!

photo 3

An example of what one baby looks like, I did not create this food baby.

An example of what one baby looks like, I did not create this food baby.

Food Ideas:

Now when deciding what food to prepare, think of simple things that are easy to prepare and don’t require a lot of hassle. Baby Showers are really easy because most people just want to munch on food, it’s usually in the afternoon, so you get away with light easy food. My Momma to Be was health conscious, so everything I prepared was healthy, you don’t have to make everything healthy, but it does help because that’s another reason why people grown at Baby Showers or Bridal Showers because you leave feeling gross from all the food you ate. This is what I prepared:

–  Light Cream Cheese & Cucumber Sandwich’s on Whole Wheat Bread

– Egg Salad Sandwich’s on Whole Wheat Bread; I replaced the mayo that you would normally use, with Avocado, it’s actually incredibly good, don’t be fooled by how it looks

–  Variety of Pop Chips

– Vegetable Platter

– Fruit Platter

– Tea Biscuits With Cream ( This is Obviously Unhealthy)

– Nacho Dip (Again Unhealthy, not everything can be healthy!)

– Fruit Tarts for Dessert(There’s fruit, it’s somewhat healthy)

– Fruit Punch for Beverages

Momma to Be Shirt:

Since this was one of my good friends, I decided to create a shirt for her to wear during the baby shower.

What you’ll need:

– A shirt; I used a large tank top

– Iron on Letters

– An Iron (Obviously)

– A Sweet Phrase to Put on the Shirt

How to create it is really easy, simply follow the instructions on the Iron Letters and you are good to go!

To top it all off, make sure you dress adorable, who can not enjoy a baby shower when your host looks super cute and is ready to have a good time! I wore a baby pink summer dress from H&M, while I was preparing food I wore my oh so cute apron from Anthropologie, put a headband on and I was ready to go! Hope you all enjoyed this!

What kind of things do you suggest for a good baby shower?

Laurelle, xo


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