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Mommy Dearest

Good Morning my loves,

My parents came to visit me this weekend in Toronto and my mom was due for a new manicure. We went through all my colours, different ideas and designs and finally came up with this manicure. It’s kinda fun and different and definitely more challenging than I expected. She’s rocked the baby blue mani before and loved it, so we decided to use that as a base, we weren’t sure what to add to it at first, so I suggested a silver french tip. Once we had completed the manicure, I wasn’t completely happy with the finished result, so I went back to my polishes and decided to add a white line below the french. This helped to separate the two colours and bring out the silver more. I’m much happier with how it looks after adding the white. Now I free-handed all of it, so the white was definitely more challenging than I anticipated, I for sure needed a steady hand.


I used Artistic Colour Gloss, Graceful as the base, Misleading as the silver tip and of course Purity for the white accent.

Hope you enjoy!

What’s your favorite nail design? Happy Monday Everyone!

Laurelle, xo


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