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My lovelies,

I have something that I’m so excited to share with you today. If you have not heard of the Makeup Line Illamasqua, you are missing out! There is nothing comparable to it. I’m absolutely head over heels for this makeup line as well as their nail varnish. It is top of the line, incredible, blow your mind makeup. In just 3 short years they have grown rapidly to become a cult British Beauty Brand. I discovered this makeup line pretty much when it first started when I traveled to Europe for 3 weeks, it was love at first sight. I was mesmerized by the colours, the design and creativity, I had never seen anything like it and I still haven’t. The talent of these makeup artists is unbelievable.

case-study-illamasqua“Renowned for its uncompromising dedication to self-expression, cult British beauty brand Illamasqua has revitalised the make-up industry, firmly establishing itself as a serious international player.”

I can’t describe it any better than the quote above, it is designed to bring out the bolder person in all of us. It screams self-expression, daring to push boundaries and be different, yet it is still classic and beautiful. It truly is art. Illamasqua is a mix of many different influences, from dark and mysterious, film and theatre, 1920’s, it is an expression of the alter ego, your darker side.

“Illamasqua is for the bolder person hiding inside all of us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncrasies. A confident statement of self-ownership.”

image2As you have probably already noticed the lashes in this line are incredible. It is just pure perfection, I can’t get over it honestly. I love this makeup line so much it doesn’t even make sense. Look at the artistry though, there is so much talent and creativity.

image4Another great thing about this makeup line is there is no animal testing, they are very against that, and all their makeup brushes are made up of entirely synthetic hair.

They have a wide variety of collections, here are a few of them:


The reason I am so excited is because this makeup line is making it’s way to North America, it’s already available in 50 US Sephora stores. The only product you can find in Canada right now is there polish line, which is fantastic. I can’t wait for the makeup line to be available in Toronto! They also have a makeup school in London, England which I’ve been dying to go to. I’ve already attended and graduated from a Makeup Program here in Toronto but I would love to learn their techniques and designs!

Illamasqua flagship store_image12

Full reviews on their products to come! Now go check out this makeup line right now!


Laurelle, xo


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