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Coral & Floral

Hello my loves,

So I have been a bit of a shopaholic lately which is really good for you guys because you get to see all the lovely purchase’s I review or wear but extremely bad for my wallet! When it’s summer I go a little crazy and want to buy everything! My favorite colour of this particular summer is coral, I just can’t get enough of it! My favorite pattern of the summer is floral, which I never thought I would be a fan of but I find myself continuously picking up items with floral on it!

Yesterday I went out and purchased a floral high-waisted skirt from Urban Outfitters and a black crop top with some lace detailing.

IMG_8011Makeup I always have a problem controlling myself when I’m in Sephora, Holt Renfrew or MAC. I just want it ALL! Since I have this new obsession with coral, I bought NARS ‘Niagara’ Lipstick which is obviously coral, Makeup Forever‘s Aqua Lip Pencil 18C (also coral), Buxom Lip Gloss ‘Debbie’ and NARS Blush ‘Luster’. Do you see my spending problem?

IMG_2810NARS Lipstick ‘Niagara’:

It has a great pigment and goes on relatively smooth. I very much adore the colour but I still have to say I much prefer MAC Lipstick over this any day. It also wears off pretty quickly, so you have to consistently reapply. The one thing I do really love about this lipstick however is when it does wear away it does it quite naturally, leaving no mess! I will definitely continue using this lipstick all summer, I just might switch to a MAC coral lipstick in the future.

Makeup Forever Aqua Lip 18C:

Oh how I love Makeup Forever. Their lip liner’s are unbelievable! They last so long, it blows my mind, even when I did the swatches on the my hand after I went to wipe it away it stubbornly stayed put!  It’s a great pigment and goes on super smooth, extremely easy to apply.

Buxom Lip Gloss ‘Debbie’:

Buxom Lip Gloss is by far my favorite lip gloss on the market. It doesn’t feel sticky or gross on your lips and when it wears away it doesn’t leave that tacky feeling that most glosses do. It’s easy to reapply, without getting thick and leaving a weird residue. I usually only buy Buxom Lip Gloss, my favorite every day colour is ‘Samantha’. Now it does have lip plumping properties, I don’t really notice a huge difference, but I love the cool feeling it leaves on my lips. It’s not a numbing feeling like most lip plumper’s, which I don’t like.


NARS Blush ‘Luster’:

This is a perfect example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover! When you first look at this blush it does not look like anything special. It actually kind of looks like it has a very boring pigment. I didn’t even notice it when I was in search for a coral blush. My girlfriend picked it up and tried it on her hand and grabbed my attention. Thank goodness I had her with me or I never would have found it! It’s an amazing coral pigment, I love it so much. I’m already a huge fan of NARS blush and I am super excited to add this to my collection! I will definitely be wearing this for the rest of the summer!

IMG_3175IMG_3159For my evening out, with my new floral skirt and black top, I decided to use all my new coral makeup purchases. For my eyes I just used a very neutral cream colour from my Laura Mercier‘s limited edition palette on my lids ‘Vanilla Nuts’. I added NARS liquid liner to bring out my eyes a little more and highlighted my brow bone with ‘Sunlit’ also from Laura Mercier‘s limited edition palette.


IMG_8005IMG_8006And for some fun I added some flowers in my hair! This is very easy to do, all you have to do is buy fake flowers from somewhere like Michael’s or most craft stores, cut a branch big enough for your head and bobby pin it on each side to create a flower head band!


There you have it my loves!

What’s your favorite colours and patterns this summer?

Laurelle, xo


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  1. I’m loving navy and mint green at the moment. Floral has also been a great love of mine for at least a year. Great post, love the skirt! X

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