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BOBBI BROWN: Navy & Nude Palette

Hello My Loves,

So I had a chance this past weekend to try out Bobbi Brown‘s: Navy & Nude Palette. I discovered something amazing about this palette and about Bobbi Brown’s dark pigmented shadows in general…they can be used as liners if you add water! Amazing right? As soon as I discovered this I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

Here is a swatch of the navy shadow in the palette as both shadow and liner:

IMG_3153Pretty cool right? I absolutely love when shadow can be turned into liner. What’s even more great is once you’ve applied the shadow as a liner, you can grab a new brush and use the shadow to go over top giving you a smudged effect, so beautiful.

IMG_3209I used two different shades on my lid, one matte and one with a tiny bit of shimmer. I then used the darker brown tope in the creases to accentuate my eyes. Of course I used the navy shadow as a liner first and then used the shadow to smudge over top of the liquid liner I created.


Here shows which shadows I used and where:


This is definitely a trick I’m going to continue to use over and over again!


IMG_3222What makeup tricks do you get excited about?

Laurelle, xo



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