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Illamasqua: Nail Varnish Scarce

Speckled Pink Manicure

Now you’ve heard me rave about Illamasqua, here is one of there nail varnishes that I really love. It’s very different than what I would usually wear on my nails, but it’s fun and pretty and I very much enjoy it. Debra Lippmann has a similar polish on the market, but I like Illamasqua‘s much better! I love the tone of pink they used, with black speckles and dots. I just love it! It’s very easy to apply, two coats and you are good to go. It is also extremely chip resistant. All of Illamasqua‘s nail varnishes are AMAZING, the consistency of these polishes blow my mind. It’s by far my favorite nail polish brand to use and if I could have it in the salon to use on my clients it would be first choice by far.


Photo was taken from Illamasqua Website


Laurelle, xo


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