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LOVEFRESH: Sugar Scrub

My lovelies,

You heard me rave about LOVEFRESH and their body lotion. Now I’m going to introduce you to one of my other favorite products from this line, the Sugar Scrub! Doesn’t it sound delicious?

IMG_7986“Tropical, tart and super fresh. This blend will put you in vacation mode.”

I already have an obsession with any coconut, so when I laid my eyes on this lovely scent I knew it had to be mine. I really do not understand people who don’t like coconut, it smells sensational! Whenever I smell coconut it automatically brings thoughts of the ocean and sipping piña colada’s on the beach, who doesn’t want to be reminded of that?

LOVEFRESH is famous for their sugar scrub, why you ask, because it’s incredible. It is gentle enough that it can be used daily. When you exfoliate with sugar it increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system which releases toxins from the body, and the best part is it leaves your skin glowing. It even helps tone and firm the body! Your skin will be so smooth and soft after using this scrub that when you finish you’re first container, you’ll be running back for more!

16 oz. | $30.00

You can purchase this body care line in many Salons & Spas in Toronto, otherwise you can purchase all the products online.

For more information visit:

What’s your favorite body scrub?

Laurelle, xo



  1. I love using sugar scrub when I need to take off my spray tan haha 😀 it’s the only thing that works and this stuff is amazing, I highly recommend it 🙂

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