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The Eye of the Tiger

My loves,

So it was a causal Sunday afternoon, I wasn’t doing much during the day but I still wanted to look nice. I decided to wear my army green shorts from Zara and paired it with my loose fitting tiger print t-shirt also from Zara. Zara has such a great variety of clothing. You can find office wear as well as causal everyday clothing.

Slide1This outfit was super comfortable. I love loose fitting clothing, I feel so comfortable in it and super fashionable. Sometimes it’s nice to be simple. I recently bought a plain pair of black flats from Urban Outfitters. Everyone needs a pair a black flats that go with everything! They are super comfortable as well as very classy looking. The sunglasses I’m wearing are from H&M, not the most comfortable sunglasses but still look nice (that’s all that matters right?).

IMG_8377IMG_8379I wore my lovely hot air balloon necklace with this outfit. I just love this necklace so much! I got it as a gift from my wonderful Godparents so I’m not sure wear it’s from. It’s so cute and just adds something extra to a simple outfit.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Laurelle, xo


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