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MICHAEL KORS: Fragrance & Beauty

Hello lovelies,

Michael Kors, Fragrance and Beauty? YES PLEASE. I’m so excited about this new Fragrance and Beauty line that Michael Kors has recently launched. You all know how obsessed I already am with Michael Kors, so when he launched this I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

head_longCopy+(2)+of+zmichael-kors011+(1)“I think those three things-sexy, sporty and glam-have always been the DNA of Michael Kors, and in a strange way, the Michael Kors woman really is all three of those things. It’s just that she feels more strongly about one of them at certain given times,” explains Kors

Slide1Michael Kors has launched an all new line of cosmetics, personal care, and fragrances for his themed “sporty, sexy, and glam” fashion persona. The line features a body collection, makeup, self tanning products and fragrance. The collection includes three different lipstick colours themed: Sporty (which are soft, nude and natural colours), Sexy (bold and pink shades), Glam (darkened with deep wine shades). The fragrances also keep the themes Sporty, Sexy and Glam.

I don’t know about any of you, but I love that it’s themed this way. I’d like to think I fit under those 3 categories! What about you ladies? Are you a Micahel Kors women?

MICHAEL KORS|Nail Laquer-Hint

MKC1FNR_mnSo I only bought one product from the line for now. I couldn’t resist this beautiful taupe polish.

Michael Kors SPORTY Nail Lacquer in Hint
Luxurious, high-shine formula gives nails a rich, glossy luster without use of DBP, toluene or formaldehyde.”

I love that this laquer is from the SPORTY themed collection. I love all three themes equally but I’m definitely the sporty type. Don’t get me wrong I am a straight up girly girl and love my beauty products and fashion, but I love sports! I love playing them and I love watching them, so when I get to wear a polish that is themed Sporty, I am one happy girl!

IMG_8513 IMG_8516 IMG_8521 IMG_8524 IMG_8526Isn’t it lovely? I love a luxurious nude, I really do. I love it even more because it’s Michael Kors. I’ve never been one to be so dedicated to one designer, but I just can’t help myself when it comes to Michael Kors. Everything about Michael Kors is just so classy! Love love love it! It’s a good consistency and easy to apply. Polish applies quite beautifully.

What are your thoughts ladies? Are you going to go for Sexy, Glam or Sporty? Or maybe all three?

MICHAEL KORS SPORTY Nail Laquer in Hint|$18.00

Laurelle, xo


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