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Hello my loves,

I know summer is technically over but I can’t let go of my summer colours quite yet! Especially my lovely coral lipsticks/lip glosses! I have been wanting to try Bourjois Paris products for quite some time now. I keep seeing reviews on other beauty blogs of this wonderful makeup line, so I obviously had to check it out for myself!

IMG_8124 IMG_8128 IMG_8139Now Bourjois has been around forever, I have no idea why I have not tried this product line earlier. I’m also happy to say the quality of these products is quite spectacular. As you can see from the above photo the eyeshadow pigment is extremely impressive, just one swipe and you get good consistency and colour. The colour boost for your lips is creamy and also has great colour pigment, so you don’t have to worry about having to reapply a million times.

NEW! Colour Boost in Coral

“With its melting formula, Color Boost leaves a radiant veil of colour on the lips with just enough shine and transparency to enhance each shade. Its sensory, light and non-sticky texture produces pure colour, a glossy finish. The lips are smooth, dressed in colour, while keeping the bare lips sensation. All these colours remain long-lasting without smudging!”

I absolutely love this colour boost for the lips, I will definitely be going out and purchasing another colour for the fall! It is so easy to apply. With the creamy texture you have no problem getting a smooth shiny finish. There are 3 shades in the colour boost; coral, a bright pink and a pinky orange. I applied on dry lips and had no problem with the application. I was expecting it to look dry and flaky but my lips looked moisturized and ready for the day!

IMG_8533It’s a great product for the lips because it can be worn on its own and it can be applied right from the pencil. A great product for going out or carrying in your purse. Your lips feel moisturized throughout the day and the colour lasts surprisingly well, even when it was wearing away it still left colour on my lips. A must have!

$18.00|Colour Boost

Little Round Pot Eyeshadow in White

“An exclusive baked formula which gives the powder an extreme softness and allows you to blend the colour as much as you want. There’s a huge range of on-trend colours to choose from, from the dark and sultry Noir Emeraude to the gorgeously iridescent Blanc Diaphane. Little Round Pot comes in pearly, glittery, irridescent and matte effects.
With an integrated mirror and precision applicator for ease of application anytime anywhere.”

I know what you are going to say, white eyeshadow? Trust me when it’s done properly it is so beautiful! I can’t believe I wasn’t wearing it all summer! White eyeshadow is great when it’s blended properly, it brightens up the eyes and makes your whole face looks fresh.

IMG_8551This eyeshadow is so velvety smooth it’s crazy! I will for sure be going out and purchasing some more shadows from Bourjois, it’s fine, soft and blendable. What more could ask of an eye shadow?

IMG_8553See how much it brightens the eye? I know white eyeshadow can be intimidating, because if done incorrectly it can look pretty bad. All you have to do is apply an eyeshadow primer (my personal favorite is Urban Decay’s). Take your shadow brush and pat the product onto your eye lid gently, once satisfied with the amount of product on the surface of your lid, remove all excess shadow from your brush. Take your brush and gently blend the product towards your brow bone. If you end up having too much product don’t panic! Grab a q-tip and remove and blend the shadow so it looks natural. If you want you can add a black liner and a lighter shimmer to the brow bone to further blend the product.


Bourjois Paris can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, to find out more about Bourjois Paris visit:


What are your thoughts on Bourjois Paris? Are you as much of a fan as I am?

Laurelle, xo


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