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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Hello my loves,

So I will admit I went star stalking during TIFF over the last few days! I got really lucky and saw James Lafferty, Dakota Fanning, Liam Neeson, Tom Felton, Chris Cooper, Julia Roberts, and Juliette Lewis! So cool! When I hit the town to find all these lovely stars I knew I had to bring my A game and do my makeup really nice. I went with a dark grey smokey eye and a nude lip.

IMG_3744To create this look I used MAC’s lipstick ‘Myth’ with Buxom’s lip gloss ‘Samantha’ over top. I also lined my lip with one of Makeup Forever’s Aqua lip liners ‘Rosewood 2C’.

IMG_8568For my eyes I used Too Faced eyeshadow, Nice Ash as the base which is a charcoal grey with a little bit of shimmer. I then used Smokin’ Hot in the crease of my eyes which is a matte black to make my eyes pop and stand out. Now I didn’t want a super dramatic smokey eye which is why I used the grey as base, it helps tone down the black and create a more subtle look.

IMG_8571IMG_8575I very much enjoy the smokey eye when it’s done properly and isn’t overly dramatic. It gives the eyes a nice pop and helps enhance the look. I will only wear that nude of a lip with a smokey. A nude lip on it’s own with something extra can make you look sickly and nobody wants to look sickly.

IMG_8583IMG_8581So there you have it, my smoked out look for all the stars! What’s so great about a smokey eye is you can make it subtle, dramatic, black, black, cat eyed or rounded. There are so many possibilities which makes it so much fun to create. I’ll soon post a how-to smokey eye so you can all try this look out at home!

IMG_8569What’s your take on the smokey eye and nude lip? Have you seen any stars during TIFF?

Laurelle, xo



  1. You did a great job with the smokey eye. It’s attention grabbing without being overbearing. 🙂

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