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Patterned Pants & Plain Black Tees

Hello my loves,

You saw my makeup look for the stars, now let me show you my outfit. This is probably becoming my new favorite outfit if not at least my new favorite pair of pants. I never thought I’d be a patterned pants kind of girl but the more I see them the more I want them! Floral, patterned, you name it, I want it!

IMG_3783So I got these lovely white and black patterned pants from Forever 21 for quite a decent price, $29.80. Amazing right? They are super comfortable and stretchy, soft to the touch and paired nicely with a simple top. I chose a black top I also purchased from Forever 21 for $16.80. The black top is also super comfortable and it’s great because you can never go wrong with a plan black tee. It literally goes with everything.

IMG_3781I just love them so much! As long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple, patterned pants are actually quite easy to pull off. You just have to find the right pattern for you and make sure they are comfortable and you are comfortable in them. I paired my pants with my simple black flats from Urban Outfitters.

IMG_3789I wore my black cheetah print watch with this outfit as an added touch. The cheetah print is subtle enough that it doesn’t clash with my printed pants. I just love the look of this watch, I’ve had it for so long that I do not even remember where I purchased it! I totally forgot I had it until this day!

What are your thoughts on patterned pants? Will you be purchasing a pair?

Laurelle, xo


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