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September Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello my loves,

I was very happy to come home this week and find my Ipsy Glam Bag in the mail!

“From Mona Lisa to Monroe, classic beauties have made us swoon from generation to generation. It’s a month to showcase all the gorgeous you’ve got with September’s “Classic Beauty” Glam Bag.”

IMG_8593Now I have to say I found this month’s glam bag kind of disappointing. It’s supposed to be a glam bag to create “Classic Beauty” looks and I really don’t see how that would be possible with any these makeup products. It’s a very generic glam bag that consisted of mascara, pencil eyeliner, red tinted lip balm, an eyebrow pencil and a blue…eyeshadow. Not a fan of this glam bag at all. However, I do love the actual bag itself that all the products came in.

VICTORIA JACKSON: Taupe Brow Pencil $14.95

IMG_8630IMG_8634So when it comes to filling in eyebrows especially my own I very much prefer powder. I believe it gives a more natural look, which is something I always prefer. As far as eyebrow pencils go it’s pretty good at filling in the eyebrow naturally. However, the colour given to me was a little too light for my dark brown hair so I probably won’t be using it on myself. I find it kind of disappointing that I received this product since in my profile it indicates that I have dark brown hair. Not much use for me to have a taupe eyebrow pencil. It will be something I will probably add to my professional makeup kit however.

STARLOOKS: Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil $12.00

IMG_8610IMG_8614So I don’t use pencil liner on my lids very often, I much prefer liquid liner my lids. When I apply makeup professionally however, I very much like to use pencil liner, you can use a good smudging technique with a good pencil liner. I always rim my water line on my eye with pencil liner. I tried to use this liner on my water line and it didn’t give me the results I wanted. This liner applies very easily onto the lid but rubs off throughout the day.

I much prefer Annabelle Kohl Pencil liner from Shoppers Drug Mart and it’s half the price.

ELIZABETH MOTT: It’s so Big Volumizing Mascara $19.99

IMG_8626You all know how critical I am about mascara and this one did not impress me at all. I actually ended up applying my Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara over top because I really didn’t like the results. The shape of the brush does not reach all the lashes. You are left with lashes without mascara. Not a fan, especially for $19.99.

CAILYN: Tinted Lip Balm/08 Big Apple $19.00

IMG_8615IMG_8618IMG_8621I understand (sort of) why it’s packaged this way. I mean their trying to find a cute way to package a lip balm with a brush conveniently attached to the lip balm itself. It is clever but it is also ridiculous. I was instantly turned off from this lip balm because of the packaging. I do not want to carry this kind of shaped lip balm in my purse, no thank you. For a lip balm it is also very drying and not easily to apply. When I think of lip balm, I think easy to grab, easy to carry with me, easy to apply quickly. It’s more than just tinted it’s very pigmented. If I wanted this strong of a colour I’d rather use a lipstick that’s creamy, smooth and easy to apply.

It has a nice colour to it, don’t get me wrong. I just wouldn’t use it as a lip balm ever. Who wants a lip balm that dries out their lips?

NYX: Eyeshadow Single $4.50

IMG_8600IMG_8601Now I really like NYX eyeshadow, I really do. I do not like blue eyeshadow though… I mean really what else can I say about it, it’s blue. I will never wear blue eyeshadow unless I am trying to create a 60’s or 80’s look. It might look nice with a gray shadow just as a little touch of colour. But I wouldn’t ever use it on it’s own. It actually is a nice shade of blue, I just really don’t like blue eyeshadow. NYX shadow however is very silky smooth, easy to apply and long lasting.

Sorry for the saddest reviews ever, this really breaks my heart. I hate writing bad reviews but this was such a disappointing glam bag. As I continued to try each product I became defeated by the end of it all. Especially since the other products they had for this month I would have much preferred. Hopefully next months glam bag will be much better.

What are your thoughts on this month’s glam bag?

Laurelle, xo


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