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TIFF 2013 Red Carpet Looks: Part 2

As TIFF sadly comes to end I thought I’d share some more of my favorite looks on the red carpet this year.


01d9802c-450a-40e6-bd9b-96cd047b5e5f_180165748Mila Kunis is so drop dead gorgeous I cannot even get over it. Even though this is not my favorite dress, she still looks beautiful. I love the shoes and the earrings that she paired with this dress. Mila Kunis is so beautiful that I feel like she could pull off pretty much any look. She looks classy and simple. She also went with a smokey eye and nude lip, which is what a lot of the stars seem to be doing!


article-2416484-1BB90157000005DC-629_306x893 article-2416484-1BB90342000005DC-430_306x893Juliette Lewis is so freaking adorable I can’t even tell you. As soon as she got out of her car when she arrived she ran to her fans all excited! She tried to reach as many fans as she could! She is just so lovely and kind. She looked so elegant, I loved the creamy low back dress with the detailing on the front that she wore. She wore simple studded earrings and her hair up in a low bun. She kept her makeup simple as to not take away from dress. The detailing on the front of her dress is so beautiful, she looked like a queen. This is one of my favorite dresses.


"Under The Skin" Premiere - Arrivals - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

I just think Scarlett Johansson is sensational. She really is so lovely. I like that she chose a more daring option for a dress, polka dots and purple. She looked great. She also went with a purple smokey eye which I LOVE! The purple eyeshadow completely brings out the colour in the her eyes. She wore her hair down to the side which looks great when you wear a strapless dress. Her legs looked great with the one side cropped a little higher. She went with a nude open toed heel and simple silver jewellery. Again, she is someone who always looks beautiful, she is just a gorgeous woman.


Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift looked fantastic, this might just be my favorite dress of the festival. I love the open cut on the sides of the dress, she looked hot and graceful all at the same time. The pony tail with the bangs worked great with this outfit. Because of the high neck on the dress I think wearing her hair up was the right move. I also really love her earrings, I would like a pair of those for myself! I’m not a huge fan of the shoes she decided to wear, but I also don’t really like strapping heels. Her makeup was soft and pretty, all in all I think she looked great.


a_3x-verticalAnother young starlet that’s all grown up! She looks so amazing. Not my favorite dress and I probably would not choose it for myself, but I think it looks awesome on her. She definitely has the body to pull of a crop top gown. The sparkles are just extraordinary and the high bun makes her look so grown up. Her bright blue eyes were just popping with the dark eyes she chose to do, the rest of her makeup was quiet simple which I liked. She is growing up to be quiet the beautiful woman.

There you have it my loves, some more of my favorite Red Carpet Looks from this years Toronto International Film Festival. It’s so sad to see it come to an end! I love when TIFF is going on in Toronto, the city really seems to come alive!

Laurelle, xo


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