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Gold Chevron Manicure

Good morning my loves,

This is one of my favorite ways to wear a french manicure, a chevron french. Instead of a traditional rounded french, you angle it, as to create a triangle shape. Now as you know I love to experiment on my mom. She’s great because I think she loves it just as much as I do. We chose a nice dark read since it’s fall and it seemed fitting. Red and dark colours are everywhere right now. But why be boring with one simple colour?

IMG_8784 IMG_8785 IMG_8787 IMG_8788As you can see we decided to add a gold chevron french to this beautiful red manicure. To accomplish this look I used Artistic Colour Gloss, colours Fab (which is very popular this fall) and Your Yacht or Mine? I really like the way it turned out and I think it looks great on her nails. Red is definitely my moms colour.

This manicure now that I look it actually reminds me of Iron Man, Halloween Nails anyone? It’s coming up, start your costume planning.

images-1What do you think of the Chevron Manicure?

Laurelle, xo


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