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My loves,

I am way behind on reviewing this lovely waterproof liquid lip colour from Makeup Forever, but boy am I glad that I finally did! It is absolutely fantastic!

IMG_8933“As a 2 step product, Aqua Rouge comes in a double-ended packaging consisting in 2 bottles connected by a black metallic ring.”

“The ergonomic form of the applicatore helps to paint lips precisely. Its texture is highly loaded in opaque pigments with a matte finish. Aqua Rouge is extremely stable and long lasting. The transparent texture of the top coat provides a lacquer finish for extreme shine and comfort. Available in 12 colors, each shade of aqua rouge corresponds to a shade of aqua lip.”


IMG_8916This lip colour is absolutely fantastic! You wouldn’t believe how long this lip colour lasts! It’s unbelievable and it looks completely fabulous. It’s a perfect combo of a long lasting lip stain with a shiny gloss finish just on the other end! The colour dries quickly and the gloss leaves a nice finish without feeling sticky. It lasts for hours and is easy to touch up.

No Gloss

No Gloss

With Gloss

With Gloss

This lovely lip colour glides on effortlessly and easy to apply! The design of the brush makes it easy to apply without making a mess of your lips! The gloss helps blend the lip colour beautifully. It says you can wear it with or without the gloss but I much prefer it with the gloss. I probably wouldn’t wear it on it’s own.

After trying to remove with water!

After trying to remove with water!

What do you think? Do you prefer this lovely lip colour with or without the gloss? It really is a lovely product I think I am going to have to purchase a few more colours!

IMG_8914I personally love this lip colour that lasts for hours.

What are your thoughts on Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge lip colour?

Laurelle, xo



  1. kflowermaquillage says

    Wow it’s crazy the difference in colour with the gloss. It looks amazing!

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