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Confessions of a Shop-aholic

Hello all,

Now I don’t know about any of you but I am the shopping Queen. I remember even as a small child always leaving the stores with the most shopping bags. And the biggest problem about this lovely obsession I have, I would feel proud being the one with the most bags, not concerned or ashamed, damn proud. Needless to say my obsession with shopping has probably grown worse I grow older.

IMG_9127This lovely bag (that my shoes came in) only seemed appropriate for myself and my shopping addiction. Now I showed you my Fall wish list and I have been DYING to buy some Steve Madden boots, you seriously have no idea how long I’ve been dreaming about these babies. So obviously I bought them, among other things…

IMG_9103Aren’t they beautiful? I love it all.

IMG_9113Now I really did not need a new pair of sunglasses. But look how pretty they are? I couldn’t resist. I just love the style and colour of them. And they are kind of perfect for Fall! So I bought this lovely pair of sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, my all time favorite store, that tortures me every visit.

Skylar Sunglasses|$16.00

IMG_9116IMG_9119It’s a scarf with the design of a map on it, really…do I need to say more? First of all I have a crazy obsession with scarfs, seriously it’s a problem. I probably literally have about 40 scarfs, who needs forty scarfs? BUT its a map. I obviously had to have it. I love to travel, it’s my passion for life itself. It only seemed fitting that I own this scarf. This lovely scarf was also purchased at Urban Outfitters.

Eternity Scarf|$29.00

IMG_9124My beautiful new pair of Steve Madden boots. I could not be happier and I cannot wait to wear these bad boys! I love love love love love them!!! They are so gorgeous and will go with everything! The greatest thing about these boots is you can wear them as low or mid rise boots! AND you can shown the lovely design on the inside OR choose not to! Aren’t they lovely? So very happy with my purchases. These can be found at the Steve Madden stores or Town Shoes.

Steven Madden Fold Over Lace Up Ts|$180.00

And my shopping problem continues. But at least I’m going to be looking fab this Fall right? That’s all that really matters!

What’s your shopping weakness? Are you as bad as me?

Laurelle, xo



  1. kflowermaquillage says

    I hear you. I am also a shopaholic & a shoeaholic! Online deal websites are my weakness at the moment. :/

  2. Ainsley says

    I was searching for reviews on these Steve Madden boots and came across your blog. I saw the scarf and was like must…have…this!! Clearly, I also have shopaholic tendencies. I’m curious about how these boots hold up in rain/wintery weather? Are they fairly warm and do they keep your feet dry?

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