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Lovely Weather Makes for Lovely Outfits

Hello my loves,

The weather has been quite lovely lately, which gave me the opportunity to wear my wonderful maxi skirt from Brandy Melville and my new floral crop top from Urban Outfitters.

IMG_9091IMG_9093IMG_9092This outfit is not only super stylish but it’s also extremely comfortable! I felt so cozy all day! I decided to wear my oh so comfortable infinity scarf from Lululemon. It seriously feels like a blanket around my neck. If you don’t own one of these scarfs you need to!

Lululemon Infitiy Scarf|$48.00

I was really lucky and got this beautiful floral crop top on sale for $20.00! What a steal! I’ve had my eye on it for a while and I’m glad I held off! It is very comfortable and has buttons down the middle so you can also wear it as a throw over.

The skirt I’ve worn before and I just love it! It’s Brandy Melville’s Guiliana Skirt and it’s so comfy and fashionable. It goes with everything and has definitely become a crucial piece of clothing in my wardrobe. You can get it in different colours and patterns. $40.00

IMG_9095I paired it with my jean jacket from Zara that I bought earlier in the Spring. It’s a great jacket for any time of year except winter obviously. It was great for this outfit because it added some colour and was the perfect weight for the crisp fall air in the morning.

I quite enjoyed this outfit and I hope I have the chance to wear it again before it gets too cold!

What do you think of this fall outfit?

Laurelle, xo


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