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How to Create a Sock Bun with a Braid

My lovelies,

I know I’m way behind on this look but I wanted to try it out for myself. There won’t be too many hair posts I do, so don’t get too excited! I’m pretty useless when it comes to my hair. I don’t generally wear my hair up either, I much prefer it down but here goes nothing! Don’t judge too hard, I don’t even try to pretend I’m good at hair!

Slide1What You Will Need:

  • Bobbi Pins
  • A Sock or Sock Bun Hair Piece
  • Elastics

Slide1Step 1:

Put your hair in a ponytail, depending on where you want your bun to sit. I put it semi-high.

Slide1IMG_8956Step 2:

Place your sock or sock bun piece securely around your pony tail. You can purchase such accessories pretty much anywhere now, such as H&M, Urban Outfitters or any beauty suppliers.

Slide1Step 3:

Wrap your hair around the accessory or sock so you cover the entire piece. Secure with another elastic.

Slide1IMG_8965Step 4:

Section your remaining hair into two sections. Braid each section that you have separated and pin the braids evenly around the bun to hide the elastic that is holding the bun in place.

IMG_8969 IMG_8970Step 5:

Make sure you look super fab!

IMG_8982IMG_8993Well there you have it! My attempt at the braided sock bun! I don’t know how often I would actually wear this look because I didn’t really feel comfortable with my hair up like this. I’m trying to break out of my shell, but it can be quite challenging!

Hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried the braided sock bun?

Laurelle, xo


1 Comment

  1. Mary Ellen Stephen says

    Laurelle – your hair looks great like this and you should wear it up – it suits you!! Love your outfit!

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