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BARBIE: Halloween Look

My loves,

So I’m going to try to give you a few different ideas for Halloween this year! I know it can be tricky trying to figure out what to be for Halloween and what kind of makeup you should be doing for your costume. So here is my first Halloween look.

IMG_9441You know it, BARBIE! It’s actually a pretty easy look to accomplish, so if your looking for a more simple, but pretty look this Halloween, this is the way to go!

What You Will Need:

  • some super fab dramatic false lashes
  • bright pink lipstick (I suggest “Candy Yum Yum” from MAC)
  • pink blush (the brighter the better, Makeup Forever, Illamasqua, MAC etc. are great lines to get a bright pink blush from)
  • white eyeshadow
  • pink and purple eyeshadow ( a variation of different shades for both)
  • black liquid liner (I suggest MAC’s Black Track fluid liner)
  • the basics (concealer, powder, foundation, eyeshadow primer, mascara etc.)
  • a concealer that is both darker and lighter than your actually skin tone

IMG_9444Step 1:

Apply your moisturizer, primer and foundation as you normally would

Step 2:

Apply eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay or Smashbox are my favorites). Then apply pure white eyeshadow all over your eyelid and brow bone (this will make the pigments in your pink and purple eyeshadow pop like crazy)

Step 3:

Apply a light pink eyeshadow all over your eyelid and brow bone where you applied the white

Step 4:

Use a darker/brighter pigmented pink on your brow bone and on the inside of your eye near the bridge of your nose.

Step 5:

Use another shade of pink or the same one and work it into your eyelid, blending the colours really well together until you are satisfied.

Step 6:

Use a dark pigmented purple and apply it on the outer crease of your eye lid. Blend it in well with the pink so it looks like one colour.

Step 7:

Apply your liquid liner to your eyelid creating a semi-winged liner.

Step 8:

Apply your super fab false lashes. Let dry and proceed to fix your liquid liner to blend in the lashes, then apply mascara where desired.

Step 9:

Clean up any shadow that may have fallen in the process of doing your eyes. Apply an even layer of concealer all over the face, creating a flawless face. Apply translucent powder to set the concealer.

Step 10:

Begin to contour the face. Use an almost white based concealer to your high cheek bones, high forehead, base of your chin and the bridge of your nose. Apply a concealer that is darker than your skin tone to your cheek bones and sides of your nose. Blend in really well so it looks natural. Apply powder to set the cream based makeup.

Step 11:

Apply your blush while you smile from the apple of your cheek sweeping back towards your ears. Apply quite a bit of blush (it should be a lot more than you’re used too).

Step 12:

Apply a highlighter to your high cheek bone and bridge of your nose. (Benefit’s Watt’s Up is my personal favorite)

Step 13:

Apply your super bright pink lipstick.

Step 14:

Style your hair as you please and dress accordingly!

There you have it my loves, a step by step way as to how to create the perfect Barbie look!

IMG_9455IMG_9468MAC’s “Candy Yum Yum”, is a must have! Barbie or no Barbie this is a lip colour every girl needs in her makeup bag! Look at that pop of colour! It’s freaking fantastic, even if I’m not being Barbie for Halloween, this is a colour I will be wearing out!

IMG_9046IMG_9049Hope you enjoyed! More Halloween Ideas to come!

What looks are you curious to learn how to create?

Laurelle, xo



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