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LUSH: Tea Tree Water Toner

My loves,

My obsession with LUSH continues. I just can’t believe I have not been using these skin products until now! I will definitely continue to use their products because I am getting amazing results! Today I’m going to share with you their Tea Tree Water Toner! It’s unreal.

IMG_9052“Oily, dull, tired and spotty skin brightens up with a routine spritz of Tea Tree Water. Antibacterial tea tree, juniperberry and grapefruit waters keep skin clear of blemishes and balance skin tone. Light and refreshing Tea Tree Water reduces redness and clears excess oil without drying so you can put your best face forward.”

I have extremely oily skin and I can have break outs occasionally which no one enjoys. I had been using another toner from Phytomer which is also a really great toner. However, after using this lovely toner for a little over a month now, I’m sticking with this. It’s unbelievable! I haven’t had a break out since using this product and I’m convinced it’s because of this product!

After cleansing your face for the night all you have to do is spritz your face with this wonderful toner or spritz a cotton pad and wipe your face, which ever you prefer. I like to spritz myself before applying my cream the evening. It’s seriously a must have for teenagers and anyone with oily or combination skin.

Fun Facts:

  • It’s Alcohol-Free which is great because Alcohol can be very drying and irritating for some skin. Alcohol is actually in quite a lot of toners which isn’t good, because when you dry out your skin, yes you’re drying out your blemishes but your also causing your skin to create more oil which thus creates more acne!
  • Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial and antifungal which helps banish imperfections (if you have any pesky blemishes take pure tea tree oil on a q-tip and spot treat. You will notice results the next morning!
  • It smells great and leaves you feeling refreshed and clean!

Let the toner dry on it’s own before you apply your moisturizer for the evening! Enjoy ladies, this product will blow your mind and your skin will thank you!

Laurelle, xo



  1. blushingbeauty9 says

    I was looking to buy this and now having read this review I will go ahead and buy this xx

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