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We Like it Hot Hot Hot

My loves,

Who says you can’t have a super brightly painted mani in the fall? Well I certainly don’t! Which is why I love this multicoloured mani so much! My client was going to a wedding and she wanted to do something fun with her nails! So we decided to do this.

IMG_4330 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4334The only direction my client really gave me was that she wanted them bright! So I pulled out my two favorite bright colours from Artistic, Hot Pink “Owned” and Bright Orange “Hype”. I decided to add some sparkle and few simple designs.

For the thumb and the ring finger I painted the whole nail white and did a stripe of baby blue on one and bright orange on the other. The colours I used were “Hype” and “Graceful”. For the pinky I painted the whole nail gold with “Your Yacht or Mine” and added loose sparkles to the entire nail to give it that extra pop.

For the last two nails I painted one Hot Pink with “Owned” and a small gem and with the other I did an Ombre combo with “Owned” and “Hype”.

I personally love the way it turned out! It’s bright and fun and will definitely stand out at a wedding. I love the sparkles and the gem. It’s enough variety without being tacky.

Laurelle, xo


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