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Be a Zebra for Halloween

Hello my loves,

Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I’d share a few more ideas for some great makeup! My next Halloween costume is the Zebra! Now I did this look when I was in makeup school for one of my photo shoots! It is actually one of my all time favorite looks that I have created! My lovely model Natasha pulled off the look great!

24954_343354167247_413826_nThis look was seriously so much fun to create!

What You Need:

Ben Nye: Colour Cake Makeup For Face & Body: $11.00

imagesBen Nye’s Colour Makeup is literally amazing and can be used for a number of different looks including a skull. All you have to do is use a foundation brush and water. Dip your brush in the water and then in the product. Apply evenly to entire face, neck and shoulders.

Makeup Forever’s 12 Colour Palette: $105.00

12_flash_color_case_49900I used the black cream colour from Makeup Forever’s 12 colour palette. However, any black cream shadow, liner or makeup will do for this sort of look. I used this particular palette because I already had it and it’s an amazing product! I used the black to hand draw the zebra stripes on.

Makeup Forever’s Artistic Lashes 146: $19.00

artistic-eyelashes_25146Some of my all time favorite lashes, look at those beauties. It really just makes the entire zebra look! You can find them at any Sephora store that carries Makeup Forever! Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue, I always use DUO Eyelash adhesive which costs roughly around $12.99. It’s amazing and will last you forever.

A Pale Pink Lipstick|MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick $18.00

IMG_8343For a full review on this MAC lipstick click HERE.

For her hair I teased it all the way back to make it look like a Zebra Mane! Overall it was a lot of fun and definitely one of my favorite looks. This would be a fantastic Halloween costume and would definitely wow everyone at a party!

24954_343358002247_7429410_n24954_343357967247_161317_nWhat do you think of this Zebra Makeup Look?

Laurelle, xo



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