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Roy Lichtenstein Inspired Halloween Makeup

My loves,

So I attended a Halloween party this past weekend and it is one of my favorite parties of the year. I attend this party every year and it always blows me away. My friends go all out when they host this party, decorations, food and the costumes are always amazing. It’s fun to attend a Halloween party where people actually dress up and go all out.

This year I really wanted to do something fun with my makeup. I always pick costumes that have minimal makeup creativity for some reason and I really wanted to bring my “A” game. So I decided to create a makeup look where I literally looked like I just stepped out of a comic book. I used Roy Lichtenstein as inspiration.

3287-129_custom-ff79df6489c058ed10a81c8405e15da71b963457-s6-c30Now I’ve seen this look done before and the makeup is so cool! MAC Cosmetics actually did a Face Chart of this look a few years back and I loved it. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to actually try this look out and it was so much fun!

IMG_9553IMG_9555To achieve this look I used:

  • Annabelle’s Very Black Khol Pencil Liner
  • Kat Von D’s Liquid Liner
  • A Generic Red Lip Liner
  • White Khol Eyeliner
  • NYX Frosty “Velvet Suede” Blue Eyeshadow
  • NYX Frosty “Navy Blue” Eyeshadow
  • Sephora’s Mink False Eyelashes
  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation
  • MAC’s “Russian Red” Lipstick

IMG_9556I used the red lip liner to draw on all the dots on my skin to make it look like I was pixellated. I drew the contour lines on with my Annabelle Very Black Khol pencil liner. For my eyes I used two different shades of blue from NYX Cosmetics as well as Kat Von D’s liquid liner. It was a lot trickier to create than I had expected! It’s surprisingly hard to draw circles on yourself! But I managed to pull it off! I am very pleased with how it turned out and it was a lot of fun creating this look!

IMG_9562I had my girlfriend blow dry my hair in a way so it looked like it wasn’t moving, with volume and curls. I just love how she did my hair, I think she did a fab job! It really did look like comic book hair, which really helped the over all look.

Now if the hair and the makeup wasn’t enough, of course I had to have matching nails! Doing nail art on yourself is extremely difficult. I can pull off doing my left hand but once I get to my right I just do not have the patience to sit there and make it look perfect! So I had my girlfriend at work, work her magic on me! And she did a fabulous job!

IMG_4033Well there you have it my loves. My Roy Lichtenstein inspired Halloween makeup! I very much enjoyed creating this look and I hope you enjoyed it too!

602104_10151952872187248_1253233012_nWhat are you being for Halloween this year?

Laurelle, xo



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