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Makeup Forever| It’s Your Time to Sparkle!

My loves,

I don’t know if you’ve been to Sephora lately or any mall for that matter, but holiday gift sets are in! Makeup Forever’s Midnight Holiday Collection is just fabulous! If you like glitter and shimmer this is the collection for you!

I’m sure all of you have holiday events and parties to attend to. And what better way to dress up than with some absolutely fabulous makeup. You’ll be sparkling for sure! You can create a variety of looks with these makeup essentials.

1458659_600308106700547_110233448_nSparkle like the nighttime sky this holiday season with glittering eyes, and glossy lips from MAKE UP FOR EVER. Inspired by the glistening effect of the winter moonlight, our limited edition Midnight Glow Palette, Aqua Rouge, Strass and Glitter delivers a luminous look.”

midnight_glow.1Midnight Glow Palette $48.00

I went into Sephora yesterday and had a look at these lovely holiday products. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for the holidays. Look at all that shimmer! This is a limited edition palette, it has a combination of pearly and dramatic colours. The palette includes Diamond Shadows: Snow White, Gun Metal, Icy Blue, Icy Pink, Gold Pink, and Midnight Purple. As well as Eye Shadows in Matte Black and Metallic Taupe. This palette provides endless holiday looks as well as two mini eye brushes!

Aqua Rouge in ‘Satin Soft Pink’ $29.00

Now you’ve all heard me rave about Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge Lip. This is a Limited Edition Aqua Rouge Lip in Satin Soft Pink which you can wear on your own or you can add the lovely Diamond Gloss for the added shine. Dazzling lips and shimmering eyes, what better way to celebrate the holidays.

Glitter in ‘Gun Metal’ $20.00

Now if you haven’t gotten enough glitter and shimmer with those two products. Get your hands on this Gun Metal glitter. The great thing about this lovely powder is it can be used on the face, body or hair.

Strass ‘Gun Metal’, ‘Crystal’ and ‘Pearls’ $26.00

For the ultimate holiday look or specifically New Year’s look add these trendy jewels to amp your eyeliner or any other area you want to add sparkle.

Well there you have it my loves, Makeup Forever’s holiday collection. Get your hands on the limited edition products or you might regret it! All products are now available at Makeup Forever Boutiques and Sephora.

Will you be purchasing anything from Makeup Forever’s Midnight Holiday Collection?

Laurelle, xo



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