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Jewellery Mania

My loves,

We all know I have a major shopping problem, I don’t really know what specifically would be my biggest weakness but jewellery is definitely high on the list. It’s so easy to go crazy on jewellery because you pick up one item and you want to match the necklace with your earrings and so on and so on! I went to the mall last week (which is always a bad idea) and went into Aldo Accessories and I couldn’t help myself! Here’s what I bought!

IMG_9916IMG_9919I love glamorous jewellery so much! It really adds to a plain outfit and can be used for everyday or for a special event! This jewellery is perfect for Holiday Parties or New Years Parties! I never used to be into gold jewellery. I usually only wear silver but lately I find my eyes keep drifting towards the gold! It’s so elegant and beautiful.

IMG_9920Isn’t this bracelet gorgeous? I love the detail on it. As you can see I bought the same style for almost everything so that I can pair them all together! This bracelet was a must though, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it!

Bracelet $25.00

IMG_9926This necklace is also quite gorgeous. It’s such a statement necklace! Wouldn’t it look perfect with a nice cashmere sweater? You could wear this lovely gem to a day at the office or a glamorous night out on the town! The little gold roses is my favorite part of the necklace.

Necklace $35.00

I got both earrings for such a steal it was buy one get one free! Something that always makes me happy, a great deal! A way for me to spend less! And it was only $3.99! AMAZING.

IMG_9922If you’re looking for a great gift for someone, this is a great idea! Aldo Accessories has a huge sale going on with some great deals. Who doesn’t love to receive fancy jewellery? They are also really good there and offer gift receipts, which is always an added bonus when buying presents.

What do you think of this lovely jewellery?

Laurelle, xo


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