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LUSH| Fresh Face Mask ‘Rudolph’

My loves,

Since the holidays are among us LUSH Cosmetics came out with a limited edition Fresh Face Mask for the season called ‘Rudolph’! As soon as I heard about this lovely face mask I knew I had to have it! Now I knew it must be really good because the first time I went to purchase it, it was sold out! I was devastated. But the lady at the counter told me when it would be in and you bet I was there that very day to grab it!


IMG_0069 IMG_0070“If you spend your winter outdoors in the frosty air, bring your skin in from the cold with Rudolph! This limited edition Fresh Face Mask soothes and softens dry, irritated skin with nourishing ingredients like calamine, lavender and oatmeal, while fresh mint and cucumber revitalize and replenish skin’s radiance.”

IMG_0427 IMG_0429This mask is especially adorable because it comes with a little red jelly on top that you can pop on your nose, while your mask is on! ‘Rudolph’ is a limited edition fresh face mask because it’s specifically formulated for those cold winter months! This mask is perfect for when your skin gets really dry with the cold weather. Your skin can get irritated and break out with cold weather and this mask really helps to soothe it.

IMG_0430IMG_0435It also really helps reduce redness on the face. After using this mask my face felt extremely smooth and moisturized! I also really enjoy the smell of this mask, it’s fresh and crisp. It’s definitely reduced any breakouts from happening and left my skin glowing and feeling fresh! Might have to snag another one of these before it disappears!

Tip: This mask can be messy, so remove carefully with a warm towel.

Will you be trying Lush’s ‘Rudolph’ Fresh Face Mask?

Laurelle, xo



  1. Mary Ellen Stephen says

    I will be trying this face mask – it sounds great – thanks for the tip!

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