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Fashion Friday: Glitz and Glam

My loves,

Christmas is approaching far too quickly for my liking! I can barely keep up and I feel like I am crazy busy! With Christmas just around the corner you know your going to have to plan a Christmas outfit and a New Years outfit! And the stress continues… So I attended my friends makeup launch party last week and it was a red carpet event so I had to bring my ‘A’ game. Take a look at how I styled myself for this red carpet event. You never know it could inspire your Christmas/New Years outfit.

IMG_0318I have had this one piece for a couple years not going to lie, but I love it! First of all it’s really comfortable, I feel like I’m wearing pajamas! It’s so classy and beautiful, as well as extremely easy to accessorize. I bought this lovely outfit at Le Chateau a couple of years ago but I’ve definitely seen one pieces like this floating around this holiday season.

IMG_0309IMG_0312My shoes… Oh Betsey Johnson how I love you so. Aren’t they grande? I just love them! The bottoms of her shoes I have to say are my favorite. I love that there is a face on the bottom of her shoes! It’s such a nice added touch. I chose these because I was playing up gold as well as bright pink. I knew I had pink on my toes so what better way to show them off then with an opened toed heel? Plus they are just freaking adorable and really add some glam to any outfit.

IMG_0313IMG_0314The necklace and bracelet I b0ught from Forever 21 a place that always has amazing, affordable jewellery. It’s so cheap that I still usually end up spending a lot because I want so many pieces for such a good deal! Plus as you can see it’s super stylish. The black and gold ring I honestly can’t remember where I got it from because I have had it for years. But I love it. Do you ever have those perfect pieces of jewellery that you love so much but you have no idea where you bought it? It happens to me all the time!

IMG_0315And of course I wore my big black and gold earrings to match the whole outfit! I blow dried my hair straight because that is how I like my hair best. I also added the bright pink belt to go with my pink toes, pink lips and the bottom of my oh so fabulous Betsey Johnson heels.

IMG_0345So there you have it my loves. This is one way to style yourself for those holiday events, Christmas parties and New Years Eve bashes. I’ll be telling more about the fabulous makeup line that was launched at this event I attended called ‘NVME’. As well as how I did my makeup and what products I used! Keep your eyes peeled!

What do you think of this one piece for a party/event?

Laurelle, xo



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