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LUSH| Santa’s Lip Scrub

My loves,

It’s Christmas Eve! Are your lips chapped right before the big day! What better way to exfoliate those dry lips of yours than with none other than Santa’s ‘Cola’ flavored lip scrub from LUSH? You know you want it. A cola-flavored sugary scrub for a sweet polished pout is what the package says. And the package does not lie.

“Kissable Christmas Lips”

IMG_0073 IMG_0075 IMG_0076“Smooth and soften chapped lips with our scrumptious new cola-flavored Lip Scrub. Sugar exfoliates away all the rough, dry bits while coconut oil moisturizes for soft, supple kissers. You’ll be smitten with the yummy cola flavor and the smattering of tiny, edible red hearts. Simply rub onto lips and lick off, then apply your favorite gloss, lipstick or our new cola-flavored Santa Baby lip tint. Soft, healthy and tasty lips for the winter season -perfect!”

I love LUSH products and I especially love their lip scrubs. This new cola-flavored lip scrub is no exception! It’s fantastic. I’ve always loved the flavor of cola lip scrubs. One of my all time favorite lip balms growing up was Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper! So when I saw this cola-flavored lip scrub I knew I had to have one! And it’s so cute! With little edible candy red hearts…I mean common!

IMG_0763Good enough to eat and you really can! Scrub and lick off the excess, no mess or fuss! My goodness I love LUSH products. Now if you are anything like me and are running a little behind on your shopping list, this is a great little stocking stuffer! And it’s also available in gift sets just for Christmas.

Now this lovely Santa’s Lip Scrub is obviously a limited edition product so grab it quick before you can’t anymore! It smells great, looks great and tastes freaking great! Pucker up it’s time to make those lips kissable for those smooches under the mistletoe.

Are you going to try Santa’s lip Scrub?

Laurelle, xo


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