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Black is Beautiful-Polka Dots and All that Glitter

My loves,

It’s Mani-Monday! And I have a wonderful manicure to share with you today! Christmas is sadly over but I still have some wonderful beautiful winter manicures coming your way! You can almost never go wrong with a Black and White manicure, add some glitter in there and you are golden. This has to be one of my favorite manicures.

IMG_5409IMG_5413IMG_5411IMG_5410Black and White has the ability to look simple and elegant as well as funky and fun. I love creating a manicure with every nail a different design. There is something wonderful about a more complex manicure. The polka dots and stripes look great when black and white, they catch your eye immediately. In order to make a manicure with every nail something different not look tacky you have to add simplicity to it which is where the silver sparkle comes in handy. And of course we needed to add a beautiful snowflake to make it a winter manicure.

To achieve this manicure I used Artistic Colour Gloss’s ‘Swag’ for the black, ‘Bride’ for the white, ‘Misleading’ for  the base of the silver and of course loose silver glitter.

What are your favorite colours to work with?

Laurelle, xo


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