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Beauty At Its Best| 2013

My loves,

It’s the New Year! And what better way to celebrate than with my all time favorite beauty products for the year. I got to try so many amazing products but these select few are my favorite by far. I love trying new products that become part of my daily skincare/makeup routine. The New Year means trying many more beauty products that will hopefully help me find some new favorites!

Slide1SKINCARE At Its Best:

1. One Love Organics| Skin Savior:

Skin SaviorThis moisturizer has become my go to and I seriously cannot live without it. When I know I’m about to run out of this I make it a point to buy it before I run out. It is the most incredible moisturizer. Even though it’s oil based, I never experience shiny skin during the day. Learning of One Love Organics was one of my favorite skin care experiences. I love this skin care line and can’t wait to try more! To read the full review on this product click HERE.

2. LUSH| Fresh Face Mask ‘Cupcake’:

IMG_9067OH MY GOODNESS, I love this mask. Of all the fresh masks I’ve tried from LUSH this has to be my favorite by far. It smells so amazing (doesn’t look the most amazing but who cares!). It’s such a delight to wear this mask. I love the cool feeling on my skin when I first apply it. It’s the least messy of all the fresh face masks I’ve tried and it leaves my skin glowing. For a full review on this product click HERE.

3. LOVEFRESH| Vanilla Body Butter:

IMG_0225I love LOVEFRESH products dearly. You can tell they are made with so much love and care. I can’t believe it took me so long to try this Body Butter but I love it. I’ve never enjoyed putting lotion on myself so much before! It smells incredible and it feels so silky smooth when you smooth it over your skin. For a full review on this product click HERE.

4. LOVEFRESH| Key Lime Coconut Sugar Scrub:

IMG_7986I know LOVEFRESH again but I’m seriously in love. This product is actually not new to me this year but it continues to be one my favorites over and over again that I had to share it with you. I love using this scrub so much. You step out of the shower feeling fabulous. I cannot live without this product. I’m actually almost out of mine and I’m going to make sure I buy another before I run out! For a full review click HERE.

5. MaskerAide| Face Masks

IMG_0062I love face masks if you haven’t already noticed. I received these masks from CharmingMedia to try and I was skeptical at first. I actually am so in love we these masks I cannot even tell you. The ‘Pre Party Prep’ MaskerAide mask is so hydrating. When I woke up the next morning after using this mask I was amazed. My skin looks incredible. It was hydrated, clear and glowing. For a full review on this product click HERE.

6. LUSH| Honey Trap Lip Balm:

IMG_0078Oh LUSH how you have me addicted to so many of your products. I love this lip balm more than any other. It is so hydrating, smells great and doesn’t have a gross taste to it. It absorbs immediately while continuing to feel moisturized. I don’t leave the house without this lip balm. It’s a lip savior. I love it. For a full review on this product click HERE.

MAKEUP At Its Best:

7. Bobbi Brown| Navy & Nude Palette:

IMG_7873Bobbi Brown’s Navy & Nude palette is now one of my go to palettes. The colours are perfect for day makeup and I love using every shade. Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite makeup lines and this palette just shows why. The texture is smooth and easy to apply. The colours compliment each other beautifully and are easy to use. For a full review on this product click HERE.

8. BUXOM| White Russian Lip Gloss:

IMG_9870I love BUXOM lip cream and I was especially happy when they came out with glosses with no shimmer. This is the perfect nude gloss that can be worn with anything. It’s my go-to lip gloss. I hardly ever leave the house without. It can also be layered with all different coloured lip sticks. It’s perfect for those lazy mornings or those glamorous nights. For a full review on this product click HERE.

9. TARTE| Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush:

IMG_8647I very very rarely switch blushes. Once I find one I like I stick to it, it’s probably something I should try to be more experimental with! However, when I tried this blush in one of my gift with purchases from Sephora I fell in love. I haven’t stopped using it since! It’s actually amazing. The perfect texture and really does last for hours. I’ve got my eye on TARTE cosmetics. For a full review on this product click HERE.

10. SHISEIDO| Perfect Rouge-RS320 Fuchsia:

IMG_8688Oh my god I love this colour lip stick. It’s to die for. I had never tried SHISEIDO Lip Stick before which is definitely now okay! Because it is amazing. This colour was actually introduced by my mom, she literally always wears it. I fell in love with it and ran out and bought it. It’s now one of my favorite lip sticks. I never thought this shade of lip stick would be one I wear all the time! For a full review on this product click HERE.

11. TOM FORD| Eye Colour Quad ‘Cognac Sable’:

IMG_9827Do I even need to tell you how in love with this Tom Ford palette I am? I think I’ve raved and raved about this particular palette. I love it SO MUCH. Every time I go out I actually get extremely excited to apply these shadows. They blow me away literally every time I use it. I cannot live without this. I don’t even care how much I spent on this palette anymore. I would do it again and again. For a full review on this product click HERE. To see how I wore it click HERE.

12. MAC| Peach Blossom Lip Stick:

IMG_8343I really love this nude lip stick from MAC. It’s so easy to wear, easy to apply. I love nude lips. They are so classy, yet so simple. This particular lip shade actually looks great with BUXOM’s ‘White Russian’ Lip Cream. Two products I cherish dearly. I can’t wait to try more lipsticks from MAC. MAC never fails me when it comes to amazing lip stick. For a full review on this product click HERE.

Well there you have it my loves. 2013 favorites! I can’t wait to try more products with you! Thank you for your continued support and taking part on this journey with me. Let’s enjoy 2014 with many many more wonderful products!

What’s your favorite product from 2013?

Laurelle, xo



  1. I love both coconut and lime… so think the Love Fresh scrub needs to get in my life! I can just imagine how amazing it smells!

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