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Marilyn, My Love

My loves,

I’m not sure if you are aware of my love for Marilyn Monroe. But when I say I love her I mean I love every little tiny little detail about her. So anything Marilyn Monroe I love to have in my household, closet and movie collection etc. My lovely God Mother knows me all too well and bought a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe Cardigan. I had a whole outfit picked out one evening and after receiving this cardigan, I changed it up just so I could wear it right away!

IMG_0779 IMG_0781Isn’t it just the cutest cardigan? I mean if you’re as much of a Marilyn fan as I am. I love it, it’s super comfortable, it’s fashionable and has my favorite persons face on it! I particularly like how glamorous it looks with my sparkly top from Aritzia. I made sure to add some statement pieces, the more gold and glitter the better right?

IMG_0782My new favorite clutch from  Nine West, I really love it. It’s such a beautiful piece. Accessories are really like art, they make you stand out from the rest of the world. This clutch is so colourful and beautiful.

IMG_0787IMG_0786I really love this whole ensemble. And what is great about it, is it was a last minute outfit. I love when you throw an outfit together quickly and it turns out to be one of my favorites. My heels are my go-to black patent heel, that I love from Guess. It’s very hard to find the perfect black patent heel, so I cherish these dearly. The headband is actually (what I think anyways) what makes the entire outfit. It gives you the cutesy look, while still looking super glam.

I will definitely try to sport this outfit again before the winter is over. Though sparkle is difficult to get away with once the holidays are over, I will try desperately to pull it off.

What do you think of this oh so gorgeous Marilyn cardigan?

Laurelle, xo


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  1. Mary Ellen Stephen says

    I love it – love the headband – where did you get it?

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