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Urban Decay| De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray

My loves,

Isn’t it frustrating when you do your makeup perfect in the morning only to have it fade away during the day? That is why I was on the hunt for a perfect makeup setting spray. When you have oily skin (like myself) it’s particularly hard to find a makeup setting spray that actually works. Urban Decay never fails me, so of course I wanted to try their setting spray. And obviously it was amazing.

“Oily skin has met its match! Mist on this weightless spray to control oil, deflect surface shine and help makeup stay put.”
“Meet your most powerful oil-control ally. De-Slick mists on weightlessly to control oil, deflect surface shine and keep skin looking beautifully matte. High-tech ingredients help keep foundation, shadow and blush from smudging, sliding or fading – so you hardly ever need to touch up.”

IMG_0503In a 7-day clinical study:

• 100% of participants said De-Slick helped prevent makeup meltdown.
• Over 90% said their makeup looked less shiny, didn’t slide and rarely needed to be touched up.
• 85% said De-Slick is the longest-lasting oil-control product they’ve ever used.

I experience oiliness during the day all the time! It drives me crazy when I look in the mirror and I see a shiny forehead! I knew I needed something great in order to keep my makeup in place. I’m not going to lie I never really believed that makeup setting sprays actually worked that well. Until I tried this one. It’s exceptionally good. I love that it works on oily skin. My makeup really doesn’t move! To prove it I took two pictures of makeup at the beginning of the day after setting it with Urban Decay’s Oil Control Setting Spray and one at the end of day after working all day.

Slide1Slide1I don’t know about any of you but I think it’s pretty impressive. Obviously you can see that my makeup has faded. But it still looks good in to comparison to what it would usually look like. My eyeshadow is perfectly in tact. My skin still looks good, the only thing that really faded is my blush. There is a little shine, but that’s a given. Makeup isn’t magic and I do have oily skin so… I don’t expect to never experience shine.

It also feels great, a nice cool mist!

This product is available in two sizes, a travel size which is $15.00 and a full size which is $35.00.

IMG_0507Well Urban Decay you have my vote. I will definitely be purchasing this lovely product again and again. It will be an essential for both my Pro Kit and my personal makeup kit.

Have you tried Urban Decay’s De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray?

Laurelle, xo



  1. That’s awesome! I have oily skin too and I hate it. I have never been able to find anything that makes a noticeable difference. So I’ll have to try that!

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