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FORMULA X for Sephora| Nail Polish

My loves,

We all know of my shopping problem, especially when I go into Sephora. I go in needing one specific product and I tell myself I am only going to buy that one specific product and I walk out with 5 products. Seriously Laurelle. I have a very big problem. And this blog doesn’t help because I want to try everything and share it with all of you! So I found this lovely new polish called FORMULA X for Sephora. It is fabulous.

IMG_1315 IMG_1316“A classic shade of lacquer revisited—this lacquer comes in a striking array of bold and brilliant shades that will revolutionize your wardrobe of signature favorites.”

What it does:
Timeless staples just got a brilliant makeover. Infused with an amazing luminescent ingredient that enhances color and overall shine, it also features a fast-drying agent that gives you a smooth, flawless finish in no time. Sephora’s patented no-compromise formulation offers everything you’ve ever wanted in a nail color: invincible wear, incredible saturated color, and ultimate shine.

What else you need to know:
This polish is a three-free formula. The brush design was engineered to complement the highly pigmented formula, giving you the most even and precise lacquer application.

(all the above information was taken from the Sephora website, I did not write it)

IMG_1343 IMG_1344 IMG_1346The three colours I’m sharing with you today are:

Dark Merlot-Obsessed $13.00 | Black Confetti-Blast Off $15.00 | Smoky Violet-Perfection $13.00

These polishes are actually amazing. They apply effortlessly and only require two coats to get it even. You actually might even get away with one, that’s how well it applies. Impressive right? They have such a crazy selection of colours I cannot even get over it. Everyone should be able to find a colour of their choice!

This polish line has everything you could possibly want from a nail line. Neutrals, Translucent, Classics, Xplosive Top Coats, Shifters, Appliques, Top Coats, Foil Look, Base Coats etc. It’s pretty freaking amazing. And that dark burgundy OH MY GOD, it’s gorgeous! My toes are going to look fabulous very soon!

And look at that Xplosive Top Coat, it literally looks like splatter paint! That is very impressive in my opinion. I love all three colours for different reasons. The violet/gray is such a perfect neutral, the splatter is just too much fun and the burgundy well that’s where my heart truly lies.

And it dries crazy fast! AMAZING.

I’m very satisfied with this lovely nail polish, I am sure I will be purchasing far more colours. I have a beautiful mani coming up next week, using the Xplosive Top Coat.

Have you tried FORMULA X for Sephora?

Laurelle, xo



  1. Felicia says

    Loving the Merlot and the Black Confetti-Blast, it really does look like splattered paint.

  2. I have Obsessed and can’t wait to wear it! I really love the Xplosive topcoats too – they’re like instant paint splatter.

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