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Oops! Comic Book Mani

My loves,

I love pop art and I especially love Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein! You all remember my Halloween costume and Halloween nails. So you can only imagine how excited I was when my client came in wanting Roy Lichtenstein nails! She wanted one nail to have a word bubble that said ‘Oops!’ and another nail to just have an ‘@’ sign, a hashtag and an exclamation point! I suggested that we do different designs of polka dots to make it extra fun!

IMG_5564IMG_5570IMG_5566IMG_5573IMG_5571IMG_5568I just love how pop art this manicure is! I obviously love it because I rocked a similar manicure in October! It’s super fun to create. It can be very tedious because it has to be perfect but I just love doing it! I actually thanked my client for wanting it because I had so much fun doing it!

To achieve this manicure I used Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Bride’ for the white and ‘Swag’ fpr the black. I also used Entity Colour Couture ‘Motorcycle Jacket’ for the middle finger because she wanted black with sparkles on one of the nails.

What do you think of this Roy Lichtenstein manicure? Will you try rocking something similar?

Laurelle, xo



  1. The ‘Motorcycle Jacket’ from Entity Colour Couture looks great! I like the twist on it, I’ve only ever painted ‘comic book’ nails in colour but the monochrome looks cool.

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