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Epic Blend| Premium Lip Balm

My loves,

I love lip balm and when I find one that actually works I get very excited. I was happy to come home a couple of weeks ago to a package from Charming Media. I knew immediately what it was, a lovely selection of Epic Blend, Premium Lip Balm a Canadian born company. I got to try every flavor they have which got me even more excited! The best thing about this lip balm it’s ALL NATURAL.

Bring Natural Beauty to Your Lips with Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm

IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1219 IMG_1220 IMG_1226“For the New Year, bring an all-natural experience to the tip of your lips with Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm. Epic Blend was pioneered on the premise of providing individuals with lip care products that are both incredibly silky on your lips and are made up of natural and nourishing elements.”

“Epic Blend was born from our passion for products that are made with not only the top ingredients, but ones that are all natural and completely healthy for all individuals to use,” says Tracy Lengyel, co-founder of Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm.

I cannot even tell you how much I love this lip balm. It is incredibly silky smooth and so moisturizing. This lip care product line is gluten free, cruelty free, vegan and all-natural that moisturizes the lips with delicious flavors. The amount of delicious flavors blows my mind. They have flavors such as Pineapple-Mint(amazing), Wild Berry, Coconut(I love anything coconut), Citrus Kick and Cherry(my favorite!). I also really love Vanilla and the unflavored lip balm for those who don’t like any scent!

IMG_1249“Whether you are preventing chapped lips or treating your chapped lips during the cold winter or nourishing your lips and giving it a natural look for spring, Epic Blend Premium Lip Balms are an all-purpose lip care product that will complement all beauty routines.”

I gave a few to my sister to try to see what she thought. She came back to me after a few days absolutely in love with the product. I love how nourishing it is, I love the range of flavors they offer as well as an unflavored option. I literally have one beside my bed, in my coat pocket, in my purse and in my bathroom. It’s fantastic and affordable.

Epic Blend Lip Balm are $3.49 each and $12.00 for a four pack of lip balms. You can purchase this fabulously silky lip balm at, as well as various retailers across Canada. One of those retailers is one of my favorite places in Burlington called Anise Apothecary.

Have you tried this All-Natural Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm?

Laurelle, xo



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